Elizabeth Warren’s wealth rivals other candidates’ fortunes

Elizabeth Warren's wealth rivals other candidates' fortunes

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren ended her attempt to become the next president of the United States on March 5, 2020, but that certainly doesn’t mean she can’t consider her career a resounding success. Frankly, it should come as no surprise that Elizabeth Warren has made great strides as a politician and as a financial power, given that she has an impressive background that proves she knows her business.

Elizabeth Warren graduated from both Houston University and Rutgers University, but the people at Harvard Law School will also recognise her as someone who has taught bankruptcy law as a professor at the Ivy League institution. Her knowledge of money matters is also why she was chosen to work as a special advisor to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau while President Barack Obama was in office.

In addition, Elizabeth Warren is “often cited in the field of commercial law and is an active defender of consumer protection who helped establish the U.S. Consumer Protection Bureau,” according to Celebrity Net Worth. Thanks to her valuable expertise and financial knowledge, Warren is believed to have about $8 million. Although that might sound like a lot, it’s pretty much in line with what some other Democratic candidates are banking (although it can’t compare to one super-rich campaigner).

Elizabeth Warren’s wealth rivals other candidates’ fortunes

Elizabeth Warren’s may seem like a wildly rich woman when you see how much she’s worth, but her fortune is in line with what some other 2020 presidential candidates have in the bank. Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden is someone you might think you know pretty well darn well (but guess again!) His net worth is slightly more than Rabbit Field (if you can call a small fortune a light amount) at about $9 million. While Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders doesn’t have that much cheddar, he’s still doing pretty well with somewhere in the $3 million range to his name.

That may make it look like the aforementioned trio of politicians are getting the top dollar paychecks. But even if you combine Elizabeth Warren, Biden and Sanders’ fortune, they still can’t come close to the kind of money that the former New York city of Mike Bloomberg scattered around during his run for the White House. The media tycoon has as much as $65.2 billion in personal wealth. Um, whoa.

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