Emmerdale : Bernice exposes Liam after making shock discovery

Emmerdale fans have recently become suspicious about Bernice’s apparently perfect friend Liam and next week it seems as if his dark secret is becoming visible. With the link of Liam to the unjust teacher Maya, he has been acting since she was arrested for taking care of Jacob and reacted badly when Bernice asked him about his ex-wife. So if Bernice discovers a shock next week, it looks like the doctor’s game is over unless he has a good explanation. Elsewhere, April, Marlon, Jessie, Ellis, and Billy will all be in danger when an armed siege causes one of them to fight for their lives at their homes.

Bernice makes a shocking discovery about Liam

Bernice has become suspicious about Liam in recent weeks. Although Bernice has the feeling that she has finally met her perfect man in Liam – who both looks good and has the status of village doctor – he may be too good to be true. Next week Bernice will confront him after she has found a balaclava in his bag. Does this have anything to do with Maya attack? Or does he cover for someone else?

A villager will continue to fight for his life

Things will take a darker turn for Billy while his constant feud with Max leads to dangerous new heights. Max warns Billy not to mess up because they are planning to rob a delivery van, but the police quickly get involved to prevent their plan from continuing. Max quickly discovers that it was Billy who had tipped them and is seeking revenge by going to Tall Trees with a gun. With April, Jessie and Marlon at home, will Billy be able to save them in time while running home with Ellis? And will Max eventually shoot Billy? Or does another family member pay the ultimate sacrifice?

Dawn is angry after meeting Lucas

Dawn is getting ready to meet her son Lucas, but is on the alert when Harriet talks about Will. Dawn is fixated when she meets Lucas, but while he continues to ignore her, she leaves the meeting humiliated. To make matters worse, Dawn discovers that Jai had never been to Harriet, suspecting that Harriet was with Will instead. With everything going wrong for her, will Dawn be able to handle it? Or will she slip back into old habits?

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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