Emmerdale : Who dies in shock shooting storyline?

Emmerdale is about to be seriously shocked if an armed robbery goes wrong and revenge leads to a shooting in the Yorkish Dales.

Maya’s day in court comes this week and while a dramatic storyline comes to an end, another explosive one begins.

Billy Fletcher, played by Jay Kontzle, is at the center of the new storyline, making gunshots heard throughout the village.

He received a negative reception when he returned to the Dales for his mother’s wedding at Christmas. Billy has had a hard time continuing with his past and the effect that the prison has had on his life.

Billy has been busy making good with Aaron, who suffered from the Fletcher gang, but his old acquaintance Max, who is played by Jordan Reece, has other plans and lures Billy back into the world of crime for an armed attack to commit. raid.

The dramatic scenes broadcast on Monday show how Billy tried to set Max to keep him locked up for a long time.

The couple commits an armed robbery, but things seem to go wrong when they are intercepted by the police.

Billy is afraid Max will find out after DS Sanders says that he cannot promise that Max will not know his involvement, but that he is outside of him, his arch enemy is up in the High Trees.

Emmerdale : Who dies in shock shooting storyline?

Jessie, Marlon and April are all stopped by an enchanting Max when they return home and he orders Jessie to call Billy.

Unfortunately, Billy’s phone rings, but when he calls back and shows his mother’s voicemail, the fear starts and he rushes to rescue his family with Ellis in tow.

Upon arrival at the house, a scuffle breaks out that ends with a shot echoing through the surrounding Yorkish country, but who was hit by the shot?

A relative of Billy’s? The man himself? Or Max?

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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