Ex-‘GH’ Star Ingo Rademacher Sues ABC

Ex-‘GH’ Star Ingo Rademacher Sues ABC

Former General Hospital star Ingo Rademacher has filed a lawsuit against ABC for trampling on his constitutional rights. As those who have been following the soap star will know, he was expelled from General Hospital after he refused to comply with the COVID-19 mandate.

However, Ingo Rademacher had made it clear that he would not go quietly into the good night. In fact, the soap star has decided to send a loud message by filing a lawsuit against ABC. In the lawsuit, the soap star claims that the vaccine mandate is unconstitutional.

Ex-‘GH’ Star Ingo Rademacher Sues ABC

For two and a half decades, Ingo Rademacher was one of the actors at General Hospital. The soap star began a counter-attack this week by filing a lawsuit against ABC. In the lawsuit, he alleged that he had asked ABC to grant him a religious exemption from receiving the vaccine. Her request for an exemption was rejected.

Ingo Rademacher reveals that before his religious exemption was denied, he had to attend a 30-minute interview. The soap star claims that the purpose of the interview was to establish his religious status. Considering that she was later denied a religious exemption and kicked off the show… One can assume that ABC did not believe his religious status.

The formed General Hospital star is asking the court to declare the ABC vaccine mandate unconstitutional. In addition, Ingo Rademacher is seeking damages for the inconvenience caused to him by the termination of the mandate.

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