Fans Are Giving Kristin Cavallari the Side-Eye for Her Weird Date Idea

The Kristin Cavallari fans give her a serious dose of side-eye. The reality star, known for her unbelieving cross-eyed, gets a huge portion of help from her fans after admitting that she had used a double point cleaning to plan an extraordinary date night with her now-husband Jay Cutler. Yes, you read that right, and it’s just as strange as it sounds.

When did Kristin and Jay get a colonic together?

The Uncommon James founder and her former NFL quarterback husband have experienced a sparkling romance. After being asked by her representation in 2010, Cavallari finally agreed and controlled a Chicago Bears game. From that moment on, the couple were inseparable, so it seemed a good idea to get a large intestine together, according to Kristin’s memory of the Very Cavallari event.

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The reality star admitted that her adventure in colon cleansing with Jay was not her first trip to the red detox. The 32-year-old wife and mother received her first treatment for colon hydrotherapy at 18 and had returned several times before her date with Jay. However, Cutler was a newcomer with a large intestine when he cut the knot with his sweetheart.

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Cavallari’s co-star and friend, Kelly, asked the question that kept everyone busy; “Was it not uncomfortable?”. Cavallari insisted that although it was a little odd to share a medical procedure with a friend, it brought the couple closer together. In fact, Cutler suggested shortly thereafter. His proposal probably had nothing to do with the colon.

What is a colonic?

A colon, sometimes referred to as colon hydrotherapy, is an alternative drug treatment aimed at cleansing the colon from toxins. Massive doses of water are passed through the colon to remove toxins and other substances from the organ. According to Mayo Clinic, proponents of colonics claim that the procedure can stimulate the immune system, reduce conditions such as arthritis and give the recipient even more energy, but there is no medical basis for the claims.

While colonics have been widely available for years, there is no science to support the favorable claims of the procedure, and doctors even warn that they can be dangerous. Settlers and the recently popularized coffee shop have been associated, according to WebMD, with various potential risks, including electrolyte imbalance and dehydration.

Are colonics a normal couple thing?

No. Although several spas for alternative medicine offer couple colonies, the concept of lasting cleansing with your loved one is not really mainstream. That does not mean that it never happens. A writer shared her experience with the colon of a couple in a thought-provoking and hilarious retelling through Thought Catalog. In short, she, a woman who participated in the colon of a couple, found it strange. Her partner thought it was weird and the whole world thought it was weird.

Anyway, it doesn’t seem to hurt Cutler or Cavallari. The couple have been married since 2013. Now living on a farm in Tennessee with their three children, they seem to have left their colony days behind, at least as a crazy date night event.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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