Farrah Abraham’s followers think her post is totally insensitive

Farrah Abraham’s followers think her post is totally insensitive

From Jenelle Evans to Amber Portwood, there are plenty of Teen Mom stars who’ve caused a major scene over the years — and it’s almost easy to forget that Farrah Abraham was one of them. Farrah Abraham first attained reality TV fame through MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, and her time on Teen Mom OG solidified her standing as one of the most dramatic stars of the show ever. While she’s no longer associated with the series, she and her 10-year-old daughter, Sophia, still have a major following on Instagram.

From Farrah Abraham’s parenting tactics to her controversial Instagram posts about plastic surgery, the star’s followers always have something they’re unhappy with on her social media. And Farrah Abraham’s post comparing the hardships of a reality star to someone with terminal illness really didn’t go over well.

Farrah causes major controversy on Instagram

Farrah Abraham’s made it known she’s posting whatever she wants whenever she wants on Instagram — and that goes for her daughter’s social media, too. The Teen Mom OG star frequently posts all about the lavish vacations she takes with Sophia despite fans begging her to allow Sophia to spend time with kids her own age. Not only that, but Farrah also posts all about her plastic surgery procedures, which gets her a lot of negative attention.

It seems that part of the negativity on her instagram is also catching up with her. Farrah has seen a massive decrease in the number of followers she has on the gram. Already in October, the star had over 2.21 million followers on the social media platform, but she has only 2.1 million left.

As for Sophia, the child has 689,000 followers on Instagram, too. Perhaps if Farrah’s followers all jump ship, she’s still relying on her daughter for influencer income.

She recently posted a barely-coherent message about a recent event she attended

Farrah Abraham’s followers think her post is totally insensitive

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Laurent Abraham recently attended the American Influencer Awards, and Farrah wrote all about how thankful she is to be part of the special night on Instagram. Within the caption of the post, Farrah explained the difficulties of raising her daughter — but the message was jumbled and difficult to piece together.

“As a single mother, I know how hard it is when our children start exploring make-up, shaving their legs, growing their foreheads – they want to start wearing jelly, using deodorant, developing curiosity and puberty,” Farrah wrote. “That’s why I’m great and grateful that we stick together so she knows I don’t condemn her like the world can.

The proud mom then went on to explain that she “loved” how the “awards focused on those who may be going through cancer or may have a daily disability.” She then wrote that this is similar to the difficulties that celebrities, designers, and bloggers go through. Farrah continued, “we all share that we put our lives out in the public for the greater good and this continues to make a great social change and economy for us all from civil rights and liberties and many more social impacts.”

Farrah Abraham’s followers think her post is totally insensitive

Farrah Abraham may have attempted to sound sincere in her post, but her followers were unimpressed by the incoherent caption. Not only that, but they were also appalled that she would compare those with terminal illnesses or disabilities to the struggles that celebrities or influencers go through.

“This whole paragraph is a long, incoherent sentence. If you seriously compare the “fights” of your fake celebrity with the fights of someone with cancer or disability,” wrote one follower. “I mean, we all agree that you definitely have some kind of disability, but it’s such a superficial and insensitive thing.”

Another commented, “At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought.”

Yet another wrote, “From ‘braws’ to cancer to the greater good to civil rights. What a mish-mosh of a whole lotta nothing. Someone needs to step in and get her help.”

Like the rest of the negative comments on Farrah’s Instagram, we’re sure she’ll pay them no mind and continue on with her posts!

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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