Five tips to launch your dream career

Everyone wants to feel that feeling of excitement, jumps out of bed on Monday, enthusiastic about what the week entails.

But when you try to get your dream career off the ground, it is often important to keep studying or to keep a day’s job while at the same time striving for a passion.

The good news is that you can do it without first giving up your other priorities.

Play to your strengths

Ideally, your side issue will be accompanied by skills and interests that motivate you to continue. So, the first step is to choose work that you look forward to, even after a busy day.

Ask yourself a few questions: what am I good at? What do I like? Which products or services do people need?

If you are a student, consider how you can play for strengths that you want to use later in your career. For example, if you study design, making gift cards and wedding invitations will also give you practical experience and extra money.

Plan and get started

Once you have established your strengths and are assured that you are willing to spend time on your sidehustle, create a realistic to-do list. This can be a website, business registration, business bank account and billing system.

Then you can launch and promote your offer with confidence through networking events, social media and word-of-mouth. Make a backup and go outside and show your market what you have!

Get a mentor

Who do you watch? Reach out and ask them for guidance, you’ll be amazed at how often experienced professionals like to help. Surrounding yourself with people who support your goals will keep you focused.

Set achievable, incremental goals

There is nothing wrong with starting small. Perhaps your goal is to get one customer in your first month or to sell four products.

A slow and steady growth period allows you to manage your workload without jeopardizing your well-being, study or daytime work.

It is just as important to ensure that there is still time for family, friends, movement and relaxation. If you are there for the long distance, remember that your health and happiness are also priorities.

Keep evolving

A first business idea will grow, change and change in ways you could not have imagined when you started. Do not be afraid of this, embrace the evolution of your side-hustle. Before you know it, you may be in a position to take the plunge and make your passion project a full-time performance!

Do you want more motivation for the side-bustle? As part of their Great 2 Greater competition, Greater Bank grants three people in regional areas a $ 5,000 grant and mentor guidance from an ambassador to support their goals.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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