Flings and (Potential) Divorces on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way

Flings and (Potential) Divorces on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way
Flings and (Potential) Divorces on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way

It was the surprise of a lifetime for Jenny and Sumit on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. No, the parents of Sumit didn’t find out that he didn’t actually live in Mumbai for work, but Jenny’s daughter Christina showed up in India, announced.

After living with his parents for two weeks, Sumit finally returned to Jenny’s side in the middle of the night. He knew he had to make it up, so instead of coming clean for his parents, he told Jenny he wanted a ring ceremony, he wanted them to be engaged. This pleased Jenny, who decided to cook Sumit some of his favorite dishes. Sumit admitted that her cleaning skills were good, but the cooking was not yet complete. And then there was a knock at the door.

Sometimes 90 Day Fiancé can feel a bit staged, but the responses to Sumit and Jenny seemed incredibly genuine. Christina and her wife Jenny went all the way to India to surprise her mother after the late Skype call where mother Jenny Christina told her that Sumit had left her alone. Sumit was worried that it was his family, but Jenny was pleasantly surprised and shocked to see Christina. In India, Christina explained that she wanted some words with Sumit and really wanted to get to know him on behalf of her family.

In the meantime …

Paul and Karine

After Paul went into the rain to find shelter in … the doghouse (?), Karine had enough and went to talk to her mother. During their conversation, she said she wanted a divorce. She does not want her baby to see Paul so stressed all the time and lets him take on him as he does her. Her mother agreed and said the baby will love him and it’s time to get a divorce. But will she really continue? Spoiler: they had the baby and still seem to be very together. Corey hung around with his only friend Raul, trying to prove that he wants to build a life in Ecuador, according to Evelin’s instructions. But the walk was not very pleasant for Corey after he heard that Evelin and Raul had a “fling” before. Raul also knew that the entire city – it’s a small one – knows that Evelin slept with her ex-boyfriend while she was still technically in a relationship with Corey. Raul said what viewers all think, that Evelin doesn’t love Corey as much as she loves her. He said it was a pity and that Corey should open his eyes.

Corey and Evelin

Corey confronted Evelin about his conversation with Raul, her continued friendship with her ex-boyfriend and the whereabouts of her promise.

“He was there for you and he will be there,” Evelin said about her ex, who is still close to her family.

After asking if Evelin was sleeping in bed with her ex-boyfriend, she kicked him out.

Deavan and Jihoon

The time of Jihoon in America is ending. Again. But first the maybe happy couple had a few words about money. Deavan revealed that Jihoon previously offered money to help during her pregnancy, but that never happened, the financial burden all lay with her. Then he revealed that he resigned because he had “no money.” He explained that his job was good to support him, but for a family he needs a better one. Jihoon also revealed that his financial situation is not great because he had incurred a lot of credit card debt in his youth. So did he save money before he resigned? “Don’t worry,” he said.

Laura and Aladin

Laura is homesick. She said she misses her dogs and son, Liam, and finds it challenging to adapt to life in Qatar. Moreover, there is the three-day wedding that she is nervous about in Tunisia. The two went to the beach and spoke a little, which made them feel better, but you can see that something is still brewing.

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way is broadcast on Monday, 9 p.m. on TLC.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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