Food Network fans say Ree Drummond’s recipes aren’t the same

Many people are big fans of The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond and look forward to her show every week. However, some viewers do not like watching the star of the Food Network sniffing its latest recipe. There are some problems that some former fans have with Drummond and they have chosen to skip the show. This is why some Food Network fans no longer look at The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond.

Food Network fans say Ree Drummond’s recipes aren’t the same

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Some fans of Food Network say that the recipes of Ree Drummond do not have the same quality as her previous recipes. These fans think her cooking style has become ‘lazy’. Others have accused her of copying recipes and saying that they are her own creation.

Although some viewers have complaints, Drummond told USA Today that she never claimed to be a professional chef. She told the news that she is a home cook and that she is preparing her recipes for people who do not have a professional cooking experience. She also said that her goal is to help chefs feel relaxed in the kitchen. “You don’t have to have a culinary school to be a good cook,” she told USA Today. “Some people just come for the recipes, and others come because they like the farm, but I think I am generally not and I have never presented myself as an expert.” I am just a home cook and that probably makes it a level that is accessible to many people, “she added.

Some fans stopped watching after an episode aired that they thought was “anti Asian”

Thick Dumpling Skin, a podcast and blog managed by Asian Americans, posted a video suggesting that Drummond was subtly racist towards Asians. Under a Twitter message with the video in question, they include the caption: “Hey @ FoodNetwork – this anti-Asian sentiment being promoted on @ thepioneerwoman’s show is really not cool.” Some fans even asked Food Network to remove the show from their rotation. Viewers were offended that one of the men said he “didn’t trust” the Asian chicken wings. Others were offended when someone else asked during the episode: “Where are the real wings?”

Other viewers feel Ree Drummond isn’t relatable

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Fans also object to Drummond because they think it is too rich to be recognizable. Although she describes herself as a “casual country girl” who focuses on cooking for her family and watches over the house, fans think she is just another celebrity in the network who is only concerned about building a growing empire . Some have also said that she appears to be more interested in earning money than helping her viewers make meals for their families and that she appears ‘fake’ on her show.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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