For the 1st Time in the History of O Magazine, Gayle Joins Oprah on the Cover

Gayle King is joining best friend Oprah Winfrey for the first time on the cover of O, The Oprah Magazine!

The BFFs celebrate their friendship on the cover of the September issue of September, on newsstand 13 August. This is what Oprah shared about her friend:

To be proud of the “rising moment” of Gayle: “Gayle now has a rising moment. After having played local television for many years, including 18 years at WFSB in Hartford, she finally played her top role. The fact that she received so much recognition and experiencing success doing what she has always loved, fills me with pride and joy. “

On Gayle never to be in the shadow of her success, but rather the light: “Now that Gayle is a shining star on CBS this morning, people often ask her how she felt in the shadow of my success. The truth is that she always felt no shadow, but the light. We could not have stayed friends if she had seen it as a shadow. I would have felt that, and I could not have been so open. A true friend cannot be jealous of you or benefit from you in any way. “

About Gayle’s eternally optimistic view of life and how they will always be in each other’s corner: “I’ll tell you this: no matter what glasses she actually wears, she sees the world through brightly colored lenses. The boundless positive outlook; the more-is -more approach to chains; the love of a great citizen, a warm donut, a cupcake with a yellow glaze; the apparent familiarity with every pop / rap / country / R&B number on Apple or Spotify; the endless curiosity – that is my Gayle. And no matter how many ventures or adventures we undertake – whatever life has to offer – we stand in each other’s corners. Solid. Timeless. Forever. “

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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