Garth Brooks Talks Paying Tribute to Wife Trisha Yearwood With CMA Entertainer of the Year Win

Garth Brooks Talks Paying Tribute to Wife Trisha Yearwood With CMA Entertainer of the Year Win

Garth Brooks won his seventh Entertainer of the Year honor at the 2019 CMA Awards on Wednesday – and used his moment to draw attention to his countrymen.

The iconic country star spent much of his acceptance speech screaming out fellow entertainers like Luke Combs and Kelsea Ballerini, and when ET’s Cassie DiLaura caught up behind the scenes after the win, it was more of the same.

“Well, try to remember who the ruling CMA entertainer is: Keith Urban. Keith Urban has its name on something, that’s an award you want to have there,” laughed Brooks of honor. “So this means the world to me. The fact that it is number 7 and the fact that it came on tribute to the women’s evening, being married to one of the greatest female singers ever, being the father of 3 daughters, love this show. This is very special. “

Brooks, of course, stopped his speech with a special shout out to his wife, the equally legendary Trisha Yearwood, and said that having his wife by his side on the big night was “everything.”

“It’s an honor to be married to one of the strongest individuals ever – forget male or female,” he said. “Just a strong creature.”

ET also spoke with Yearwood backstage, who was lyrical about her husband – not just as an artist or performer, but as the nice man who makes her coffee every morning and “is always happy to see me.”

“[Awards are] great, but that’s not who we are as a couple. We are all this, plus everything else,” she shared. “We talked about it today that we don’t have to worry about all these things, what would happen tonight. We just wanted to enjoy ourselves and have fun. We were very lucky to have been in this business for a long time, and I just couldn’t be more proud. I’m still in shock, really, but I’m just very happy for him. “

The couple is coming on their 14th wedding anniversary next month, and according to Brooks, the celebration will be a family affair.

“She married the girls, you know, they exchanged rings and things,” he said about the marriage of the couple, including Brooks’ three grown daughters, Taylor, August and Allie. “So all five of us enjoy our anniversary together. We are going to eat somewhere, and it takes five minutes before I realize that I am the weak link in the chain of all women there, and it will just be great. As long as everyone is healthy, that’s all you care about. “

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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