Gayle King Responds to Fox News Host Jesse Watters After He Mistakes Her for Robin Roberts

Gayle King receives a lot of praise from her colleagues and fellow journalists in the aftermath of her explosive interview with R. Kelly – even some journalists who apparently do not know who she is.

Sitting with Stephen Colbert at the Late Show Thursday night, the host asked King about an embarrassing incident with Fox News, political commentator Jesse Watters on Wednesday.

During an episode of the Fox News-panel talk show The Five, Watters said: “Hats off for Gayle King because she has completely returned after the [Jussie] smolett fiasco.” However, it was journalist Robin Roberts that famous Smollett interviewed about his alleged attack, not King.

“I could not believe it,” King said laughing. “So many people started sending this to me because I do not normally watch Fox News unless I’m just curious to see what’s going on and what other people think.”

Immediately after Watters’ error, his co-host Dana Perino corrected him and added quickly: “That was not Gayle King, Robin Roberts did the Smollett interview.”

“So I mailed Dana, whom I do not know, I got her e-mail and I said: ‘Hello, I wanted to thank you for letting your colleague know that Robin Roberts and I – it was a big compliment, but thank you for to let us know that we are two different people, “” King reminded himself of Colbert. “And you can let the rest of your colleagues know that all the negroes are not alike.”

“It’s good to remember them now and then,” Colbert joked as he glanced at the famed conservative experts at Fox News. According to King, Perino wrote back and said that it was fun to meet her, and that she “joked about it.”

“I hope to meet her one day because I think that was fun to do,” King added.

Watters, finally, apologized after being corrected, and again at the end of that episode of The Five, when he held up a small, dry erasable white plate on which he had written: “I’m sorry Gayle + Robin.”

The accolades King received for her powerful interview with Kelly – currently facing charges against 10 graves of heavy sexual abuse, among others – are not just from other journalists, but from family, friends and even megastar celebrities.

Immediately when King sat down in front of Colbert, she excitedly revealed that she had just received a personal phone call from the iconic musician Elton John just before he came on the stage.

“In the green room, Elton John called me!” Shouted King. “It was a 212 number that I did not recognize, so I thought it was work … and he goes,” Gayle, it’s Elton here. ” And I’m going, “Elton John ?! Hello, Elton!” And he called to talk about the interview with R. Kelly, and I thought it was so nice he called. “

“Yes, he calls a lot of my guests,” Colbert joked.

For more information about King’s headline-grabbing sit-down with Kelly who was shown on CBS this week, watch this video below.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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