General Hospital Recap: Secrets Unravel: Scandals, Consequences, and Proposals Unfold in General Hospital

General Hospital Recap: Secrets Unravel: Scandals, Consequences, and Proposals Unfold in General Hospital

On the latest episode of General Hospital, Cody claims to have overheard part of a conversation about the sale of the garage. Sasha is eager to get more details, and Cody reveals that he heard Gladys talking about selling the garage. Sasha is shocked by the news.

Sonny Demands Answers from Gladys

Meanwhile, Sonny insists that Gladys tell him whether Sasha knows about the sale of the garage. Gladys swears that she wants to do right by Sasha and has her best interests at heart. However, Sasha confronts Gladys and is outraged to learn that she actually sold Brando’s garage. Gladys tries to defend her actions by saying that she is in charge and that she had to deal with Brando’s belongings daily due to the guardianship. Sasha understands but wishes that Gladys had not gone behind her back.

Nina Shares Information About Carly and Drew with Ava

Elsewhere, Nina shares with Ava about seeing Carly and Drew getting cozy and how they had said that they cannot be seen in public. She also mentions overhearing Sonny and Olivia talking about the SCC. Ava realizes that if Carly bought Aurora stock knowing that there was a merger happening, it could be insider trading, which could lead to prosecution for both Carly and Drew. Ava wonders what Nina will do with this information.

Maxie Announces the Nurses’ Ball

In other news, Maxie shows up at the Quartermaine mansion to let them know about the Nurses’ Ball, which will commemorate the 60th year of the hospital. Maxie asks for Ned and Michael’s support and invites Michael to join the planning committee, which he agrees to do. Willow convinces him to participate.

Carly and Drew Face Consequences of Their Actions

Carly and Drew are in the afterglow of the morning after, but they have to clean up the mess they made in the kitchen. Drew brings up how he doesn’t think insider trading will be an issue, but Josslyn interrupts them. Carly reminds Josslyn of her own experience with a secret relationship and questions whether she wants that for herself. Josslyn insists that Dex has a plan to get out for good. Carly warns her that it is very hard to get out once you’re in.

Mac and Cody Bond over Comet and Australian Beer

Mac visits Cody at the stables, and the two bond over Comet and Australian beer. Mac talks about his history with Ryan and how he had to kill his best friend’s twin brother, causing pain to Kevin. He expresses his regret over his actions.

Drew Proposes a Solution to Ned

Drew proposes a solution to get rid of the family tension to Ned. He suggests that with Valentin’s death, they can regain control of ELQ and get the majority shares. Drew offers to step away from ELQ entirely and run Aurora full time to make the family a united front. Ned promises to consider the proposal.

Sonny Takes Dex to the Warehouse

Finally, Dex apologizes to Sonny for being too forward. Sonny believes that this has to do with the Pikeman deal and insists that the less Dex knows, the better. He takes Dex to the warehouse where the Pikeman shipment will be to suss out any issues. Sonny promises to keep Dex out of any problems with the deal.

As the drama continues to unfold on General Hospital, fans are left wondering what will happen next. Will Sasha and Gladys be able to work out their differences? What will Nina do with the information she learned about Carly and Drew? And will Drew’s proposal bring the family together or further drive them apart?

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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