General Hospital: The Truth Unveiled: Elizabeth Confesses to Finn

General Hospital: The Truth Unveiled: Elizabeth Confesses to Finn

Finn is taken aback by Elizabeth’s revelations. Meanwhile, Spencer informs Nikolas about his father’s taped confession to Ava, who continues to bond with Austin in the hospital.

Brook Lynn and Chase have a heated exchange at The Savoy, before Chase learns some surprising information from Blaze. Joss turns to Dex for support and expresses her emotions. The episode was filled with dramatic twists and turns, as characters struggle to deal with their personal and emotional issues.

General Hospital: The Truth Unveiled: Elizabeth Confesses to Finn

Elizabeth revealed the truth about her involvement with Nikolas and Esme in the north tower to Finn. He was surprised to learn about the pregnancy lie and how it was created to protect Esme.

Despite his initial shock, Finn listened to Elizabeth’s story with a judgmental expression, reminding her of the time they tried to hide Peter’s body. Elizabeth then informed Finn of her intention to confess to the police, which did not seem to make him happy. The reveal of the truth and Elizabeth’s decision to come forward with a confession may have significant consequences for all those involved.

In the hospital chapel, Spencer demanded that Nikolas sign over his rights to Esme’s baby and give Spencer custody. Spencer warned Nikolas that he could face prison time for his actions, mentioning Jordan. Laura was confused by the vague language, but Nikolas understood the threat and told Spencer that his alliance with Ava was a mistake.

Despite Laura’s pleas for Nikolas to not abandon Spencer, Nikolas hugged her and told her she was the best mother he could ever ask for. The exchange between Nikolas and Spencer highlights the tension between father and son and raises questions about the future of Esme’s baby and Nikolas’s freedom.

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