‘General Hospital’ : Who Does Finn Belong With

‘General Hospital’ : Who Does Finn Belong With

General hospital spoilers wonder who belongs to Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) – Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) or Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig). No doubt he and Anna have conquered a lot to be together. However, he never solved things with Hayden and he still takes care of her. Moreover, she brought his daughter back to him, so now he has a second chance for a family with her. Let’s examine some of the qualities of both women and see who is better at Dr. Finn fits ABC’s General Hospital.

General Hospital Spoilers: Hamilton Finn’s Fiance Super-Spy Anna Devane

General Hospital spoilers know that there are many great things about Anna Devane and Hamilton Finn is lucky to have her. First, she is a fierce and skilled spy for the WSB. Anna is undoubtedly strong and independent and can protect herself and her family. That is a sexy and attractive quality in a woman. Moreover, she is caring and compassionate and she absolutely loves children. Remember that her granddaughter Emma Scorpio-Drake (Brooklyn Rae Silzer) loves her.

Anna Devane is friendly and dedicated and will do anything for family in the General Hospital. Moreover, it is strong and capable. So, if Finn decides he wants to be with Hayden so they can form a family with their little girl, she’ll step aside. Of course it will hurt enormously, but she will do the right thing. No doubt she knows that Hamilton Finn will never hurt her deliberately and only wants him to be happy, to promise General Hospital spoilers.

GH Spoilers: Hayden Barnes Blast From The Past

General hospital spoilers know that Hayden Barnes has her mistakes. But deep down she is a softie who just wants a true and true love. She undoubtedly loves Finn very much and really wants what is best for him. It is also clear that motherhood changes her for the better. No doubt, she is a very good mother for little Violet Finn and it is sweet for that soft and caring side of Hayden. In addition, she acts for her sister Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) and her family, reminding herself of spoilers at the General Hospital.

No doubt they are struggling through a very difficult time with the loss of Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth). So, Hayden Barnes is incredibly supportive and helpful to her sister. But she also has a feisty and ruthless side. Remember that she is currently pursuing financial stability by helping Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma). Both women are certainly great in themselves and really love Hamilton Finn. So who will he choose for Wonder General Hospital spoilers?

Which Way Will Finn Go On General Hospital – Anna Devane or Hayden Barnes?

General Hospital spoilers wonder with whom Hamilton Finn will choose now that Hayden Barnes is back in town. It is clear that he still has feelings for her and she has made it clear that she is not going anywhere. Certainly, she admits her mistakes. She undoubtedly takes full responsibility for keeping Violet away from him. So now Finn gets another chance with Hayden and with fatherhood. Anna Devane is incredibly understanding and she will love Violet.

Hamilton Finn can certainly be happy with Anna Devane and still be a great father, say spoilers from the General Hospital. No doubt it is all adults who can make it work. He certainly does not have to be with Hayden just because she is the mother of his child. Although he may want to. Certainly, he never got over her and may want to give their relationship another chance. Stay on ABC during the day and see if Hamilton Finn stays with Anna Devane or try Hayden Barnes again.

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