Genie Bouchard’s Super Bowl Date Story Is Going To Be Made Into A Film

Do you remember that Genie Bouchard gave a few people around the world a little hope by agreeing to a date with a complete stranger who placed a bet with her on Twitter about the Super Bowl?

Well, it’s about to change into a movie.

Yup, a feature film that has everything to do with her encounter with John Goehrke, who decided to tweet the tennis bait to gamble a bit – ‘if the patriots win, are we on a date?’ – to which Bouchard ‘certainly’ replied.

Fans of American football and / or Genie will of course remember that the Patriots have indeed won and true to her word, she has made an appointment with her supposedly very chuffed lover.

She chose to go to a basketball game with John together with John: “I am in New York City for illustrations in Sports Illustrated and I thought:” Why would not you let the date happen sooner than later? There is a Nets game tonight. ‘

“I think it would be a great idea for the date, probably less awkward than a one-on-one dinner because I did not know John.”


Share online photos, it seemed like the couple had a nice old time, so much so that they met again and again – which is a lot of speculation that the couple might be dating, and that John might be the most ridiculous guy ever .

Although it does not seem likely that the pair will be a pair or likely to become one, it has not stopped Fox 2000 from picking up the story for the film, said Deadline.

In the report, the news article claims that Jonathan A. Abrams has taken the idea of the film into question, a romantic comedy based on the true story and reportedly has Genie on board as executive producer.

The film will focus on ‘dating and love in the modern digital era, with the question of whether a relationship born with social media can survive the brilliance of the public eye,’ according to the report.

Genie has retweeted messages about the story that has turned into a movie – part of Deadline with the caption ‘welcome to Hollywood’ and an emoji with a starry sky.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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