George Clooney Jokes It ‘Kind of Hurts’ That the Royal Baby Wasn’t Named After Him

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle revealed the name of their baby boy, Archie Harrison, on Wednesday, and George Clooney said he can’t help but be a little scorned that they didn’t name it in his honor.

Speaking with ET’s Nancy O’Dell at Hulu’s For Your Consideration event for his new show Catch-22, the Oscar winner was asked how he felt they didn’t name George at all in their baby’s name.

“That kind of hurts,” Clooney stopped before he laughed and admitted, “I like it! Archie. It’s good!”

George Clooney Jokes It 'Kind of Hurts' That the Royal Baby Wasn't Named After Him

When it was brought to his attention that it is possible (though very unlikely) that they might have turned to actor Harrison Ford for the middle name of their baby, the star said he understood the choice.

“Well, he was once president of a movie,” Clooney reasoned, shrugging his shoulders before admitting his own respect for the Star Wars icon. “And if you think about it, it’s Harrison Ford, I’m going to call my daughter Harrison now.”

In reality, many believe that the name Harrison is a play on the patronymic tradition of naming a child after their father, as in “Harry’s son.” But without official confirmation, it could still be a reference to the Han Solo actor.

George Clooney Jokes It 'Kind of Hurts' That the Royal Baby Wasn't Named After Him

ET spoke with George Clooney on Tuesday at the premiere of Catch-22 in Hollywood, one day after the birth of the royal baby, who happened to be Clooney’s 58th birthday, and the actor joked that the new bundle of joy “steals my thunder!” “

“This was my day! I was already sharing it with Orson Welles and Sigmund Freud!” Clooney joked.

While George Clooney was disappointed with sharing the attention of the whole day, the actor – who was one of the celebrities as the royal wedding when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had made the knot almost a year ago – said he was delighted with the new parents.

George Clooney Jokes It 'Kind of Hurts' That the Royal Baby Wasn't Named After Him

“I’m very happy, it’s a nice couple, so it’s very exciting,” Clooney surprised.

Despite having two children of his own – 1-year-old twin Alex and Ella, whom he shares with his wife Amal Clooney – George Clooney said he does not feel that it is his place to meet the duke and duchess, or anyone else. otherwise give advice on whatever.

“I’m not giving advice, I’m 58,” he said. “At 58 you just go,” Ugggh. ” I just walk everywhere I go with a walker. “

Watch the video below to hear more.

The new Clooney series, Catch-22, will premiere on May 17 in Hulu.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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