George Clooney on Royal Baby Stealing His Thunder, Near-Fatal Motorcycle Accident and Raising Twins

The producer, director and star of “Catch-22” also talks about Bat-nipples, “50 Shades” and why Ellen DeGeneres is a quitter and a liar.

George Clooney was an absolute delight during a performance on “Ellen” Thursday, although he had to hand in his original title “Sexiest Man Alive” for a new one.

The dual honoree of that title swung by to promote his new Hulu mini series “Catch-22” – for which he acts as an actor, director and executive producer – but he became so covering

He and Ellen DeGeneres talked about real things like his almost fatal motorcycle accident and the challenges of raising twins, as well as the absurd as Bat nipples, “50 Shades of Gray” and George explaining why Ellen is both a quitter and a liar is. .

She also commented on how he and the new royal baby share a birthday, to which George Clooney sardonically replied: “Yes, I noticed that already. That is stealing my game, stealing my thunder.”

As for the name of the revealed baby, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, George Clooney seemed to approve of that. “Good name,” he said. “Better than Jughead.”

But then he and Ellen realized with joy that there is always room for a little brother and Harry and Meghan can call their children by shouting: “Archie and Jughead!”

Although it almost cost him his life, George Clooney could not smile while recalling the accident he had sustained in Italy, where “Catch-22” was filmed.

“A man turned in front of me and I hit him at about 70 miles per hour, so that was a … I was launched,” George Clooney recalled. “I squeezed his windshield with my head and then I flew into their air afterwards. Knocked off my shoes, I mean, a good accident.”

He added, “I actually thought it was, you know, you do this 100 times, 99 times I wouldn’t be there, so I used nine lives.”

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And that was it for George Clooney and two-wheeled vehicles, when he and his wife Amal quickly came to the conclusion that a near-death experience in a life is enough. Fortunately, Ellen was on hand to ensure that he could still travel in style with a four-wheeled scooter.

But this scooter was misled with a high handlebar and flames, so it looked good. It even had one of George Clooney’s “Sexiest Man Alive” covers on the front of it, but the actor rejected that claim as too old now.

“I am now the AARP sexiest man still alive,” joked the 58-year-old.

As for the bike, he thought it was great. “I’ve never felt so masculine before,” he said as he drove around the stage. “It’s a good thing I got married because it’s over.”

George was in parrot-joke fashion during the interview, and he got one of his best jabs at the expense of his two-year-old son with Amal, Alex. At the same time he pointed out how his twins – Alex and sister Ella – clearly got their hats from their mother, because they can count up to 20 in English and Italian.

He is still struggling with English [add border sheet here].

“They have their own personalities,” he said about his twins. Alex “goes out and hugs my car,” George Clooney said, “which is bad when I’m driving. That’s really not good, he sometimes gets into the wheel arch.”

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As for Ella, she is “in my wife’s closet with purses,” mine! “So I see this is going to be a fun, fun life for me.”

While his words were making fun of his children, he definitely lit his eyes, although he admitted that it was far more exhausting to keep up with them as they run around. But as for the terrible two, he and Amal count themselves happy.

Ellen had the bright idea to relive one of her favorite running jokes from her show run. George Clooney had his bungalow / office right next to her studio and so she brought up many, many shows with more and more elaborate ways to try and lure him into her show.

The clip sequence she showed was absolutely epic, as Ellen recorded stars, beauty contest participants, super models and even Chippendales dancers to convince her to show George Clooney at her show.

And although he no longer uses that space, she might like to take it with him and crash it again. “I thought it would be nice if you and I would go there.”

“And disturb them,” George laughed.

“Yes, because they are very happy to see you,” Ellen shot back.

“Oh, I know that for sure.”

But Ellen was right – at least in the beginning – because the woman who now has the office was actually a former George Clooney employee.

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Unfortunately for her, it was Ellen, so it quickly turned to many shenanigans and nonsense, with new “art” hanging on her office walls, several items tossed around, a broken dust buster and George in one of her office chairs.

But the greatest pain was saved for George himself when Ellen handed him a copy of “Batman and Robin” to draw. “Oh, this hurts,” he said, and added, “You know, I was the only Batman who had nipples, many people don’t know. I had nipples. Oh yes, they were huge.”

There was no explanation why he had Bat-nipples – a question that has been debated and despised for decades – but George seems to agree with most of those who have seen the films that it was … uh, not good.

Another film that George was not impressed with is a film he has not even watched. When Ellen challenged him and told him to see “50 Shades of Gray”, the actor reacted very clearly: “Really?”

“You might get some ideas,” Ellen offered uncomfortably. “I mean, you probably don’t need any ideas, I’m sure you have all the ideas you need.”

“I have many ideas,” George agreed.

However, he could never defeat Ellen’s viewing experience because her housekeeper walked in completely while she watched it. “Oh, that’s really bad,” George laughed while Ellen shared the story.

But worse in his eyes was that Ellen lied to lie about why they didn’t meet at Jennifer Aniston’s recent birthday party. He said he popped up just when she left at 8 am, but Ellen tried to say she had left at eleven, which should be when George walked in.

“No, I’m not getting anywhere,” he said. “I am old, I fall asleep at 11 am.”

Ellen insisted she lingered until 11 am, but George didn’t have it. “You can tell all your friends here how cool you are, you left at 11 am,” he said before turning to the audience and saying, “She left at 8 am!”

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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