Good Morning, Paris Hilton’s Ex Chris Zylka Covered His “Paris” Tattoo with Giant Gorilla

Chris Zylka meant no shadow when choosing a giant gorilla to cover a tattoo he had as a tribute to ex-fiancee Paris Hilton.

“It has to do with philosophy,” said makeup artist Katrina Despotovich, who is working on Zylka’s show “Dare Me,” Page Six Style Wednesday. “He explained that it is a peaceful animal. He loves gorillas. They are just his favorite.”

While on the set, Despotovich said that she and Zylka, 34, would often talk about their tattoos, and the actor said he wanted to remove the word “Paris” – written in the Disney font – from his forearm before being wrapped.

“It was just time,” Despotovich told us. “They are not together.”

Aside from removing a reminder of his split, Despotovich said the tattoo was also a nuisance during filming, because it didn’t go hand in hand with the aesthetics of his character and it’s “really noticeable to have a Paris Hilton tattoo.”

Good Morning, Paris Hilton's Ex Chris Zylka Covered His "Paris" Tattoo with Giant Gorilla

According to the Toronto-based makeup artist, tattoo artists have the legal right to sign whether their work can be displayed on the screen. Despotovich said that the ‘Paris’ tat artist did not approve of use on ‘Dare Me’, and so ‘the wardrobe usually covered it’.

When Zylka expressed an interest in a permanent cover-up, Despotovich shared that her boyfriend Winson Tsai was a tattoo artist in the area and could help. The actor then chose not only to hide his “Paris” tribute, but also a lion’s head and quote with the text “I am worse in what I do best” on the same arm.

“The gorilla fitted his entire forearm so it was perfect,” said Despotovich.

Zylka arrived at Chronic Ink in Markham, Ontario around noon on Sunday to get his stencil ready. The actual tattooing lasted six hours, starting at 2:00 PM. until 8 p.m.

“It was fun, super chill atmosphere,” said Despotovich, adding that the group listened to a mix of EDM, hip hop and rap while they were in the store. “They just had a good time. I know that such a tattoo on your arm is painful and Chris had no problems. He never gave in. “

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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