‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Some fans aren’t happy with her newest love interest

'Grey's Anatomy' Some fans aren’t happy with her newest love interest

The world has long mourned the death of Dr. Derek Shepherd. Okay, maybe only Grey’s Anatomy fans have missed the quaint McDreamy. Anyway, there’s been a new love interest for Ellen Pompeo’s Meredith Gray for a long time.

However, fans disapprove of this season’s potential and it’s hard to sell them to Derek Shepherd’s replacement.

Love has always been a tricky thing for Meredith Grey

Thinking back to the days when Derek (Patrick Dempsey) was still alive, their relationship, however fairy-tale, still had its share in ups and downs. Many and many ups and downs. The whole series (and their fateful relationship) began when Meredith and Derek met in a bar near the hospital where he was a doctor and she just started as an intern.

Unfortunately for Meredith, Derek was already married. That’s how their roller coaster romance began.

Between the drama of simply working together, and Derek’s attempts to arrange things with his wife, they had a slow start to a successful relationship. Although the two eventually got married (post-it note) and started a family together, his untimely death in season 11 left Meredith deeply sad and alone again.

Meredith has dated some since then

Since then, there are some dates and the distinctive one-night stands of Meredith. For example, Meredith dated Dr. Will Thorpe in season 12, shortly after Derek’s death. He was even the first man she had dated since the death of her husband. Ultimately, that’s why a relationship between the two didn’t work out, because Meredith was still too severed. Will seemed like a nice guy and even said he would wait for her. But that has yet to be seen.

That same season Meredith spent some time with Nathan Riggs, but his fiancée, Megan, unexpectedly came back in the picture and Meredith encouraged him to reunite with Megan.

Meredith Grey is getting back in the dating saddle

Season 15 brought some changes for Meredith. In particular, her efforts to return to the dating scene. At the beginning of the season she went on a blind date with John, played by fan favorite Josh Radnor.

Unfortunately he complained about dating desperate single mothers and that was then the end of that.

But despite the bad date, this was the beginning of Meredith’s search for new love.

Some fans aren’t happy with her newest love interest

We thought it would just be a diehard loyalty to Derek, so fans wouldn’t embrace Meredith’s new husband. But that’s not the only reason why viewers don’t support Meredith’s new relationship with Andrew DeLuca. While season 16 is going on, it will be interesting to see if viewers can find out about this burgeoning romance.

Reddit user Crazycatgirl16 points out that writers seem to use new characters to embellish a boring storyline. “…they take it off, let’s introduce a new character card, although we already have a cast big enough.”

She complains about a bulletin board dedicated to dissecting the lack of originality in recent episodes of Grey’s. Other common complaints on the wire are too many ‘surprise’ pregnancies and excessive use of the ‘love triangle’ plot line.

Both complaints came home on the Deluca front. He was not only a new character in the show for season 15, but he was also one of the two men who compete for Mer’s affection. The triangle existed between Meredith, Deluca and Link. Ultimately, Deluca is the lucky winner of Meredith’s heart. For now.

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