Hannah Brown Talked About Her Feelings After The Season Ended

Hannah Brown Talked About Her Feelings After The Season Ended

Hannah had a very personal song to go with her dance on the November 18th episode of Dancing With The Stars. Her and partner Alan Bersten danced to “Lose You To Love Me” by Selena Gomez. Fans of The Bachelorette know she had a very trying season of the show. When all was said and done she ended up single at the end. Despite her stressful experience finding out her choice Jed Wyatt hadn’t been truthful, she had some advice for Peter Weber.

After the dance, Hannah Brown, didn’t shy away from talking about the song’s meaning to her. She said, “I have been through a lot that directly relates to the song. When you love somebody so much, but it’s not good for you, that’s the hardest thing to let go of.” She said her past dating experience wasn’t easy and it’s still a process according to The Cheat Sheet.

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I am overwhelmed with a feeling of gratitude. This experience has not been easy, but it’s been rewarding on more levels than I could have ever have imagined. I’ve had to take a hard look at myself, my flaws, my strengths, and, mostly, the things I’ve let hold me back. I have been vulnerable in a way that is the farthest from comfortable for me. I’m a flawed, emotional human, and this has brought the best and the worst out in me. Even still, I’m beyond grateful because it’s been a process to grow, feel, and learn more about myself in a unique way. Being myself…that’s easy. Performing and being confident in my abilities…that’s a battle. Thank you all for continuing to support me on this journey, as I push myself in ways I’ve never thought I could. Alan, gosh I’m beyond thankful for you. We make a good, but absolutely crazy team…and dang, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m so pumped that we get to celebrate how far we come IN 👏🏻 THE 👏🏻 FINALS! Woooo! @alanbersten letsgooooooo ♥️

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Hannah Brown Talked About Her Feelings After The Season Ended

Hannah said of Jed Wyatt, “I thought he was honest and he wasn’t, I didn’t know what was next.” Jed had a girlfriend when he came on the show who revealed she didn’t think he was there for the right reasons. She does think that this experience made her stronger and she does want to find someone eventually. Right now she’s okay being on her own.

She said she’s been able to move on and the dance helped her leave the feelings in the past. Hannah Brown said, “I think in my heart, this dance was like a release of being able to really be vulnerable about how emotional it was. I feel like I can leave that behind.”

What Advice Did She Have For Peter Weber?

Hannah Brown Talked About Her Feelings After The Season Ended

Hannah and Peter Weber got very close when he was in his season. It would be logical that she could give him good advice. While Hannah Brown said it was difficult for her to give advice, she wanted him to have the end in mind. Hannah said, “Just because the show ends doesn’t mean that is the end.”

She said take the moments and really get to know the person without the cameras. Hannah hopes that he will be able to find love. She said, “You really have to understand what your relationship is, and I hope it’s a fairy tale he’s always been looking for.” The fans are excited about how far Hannah Brown has come on DWTS and still hope she will find a love affair.

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  1. What’s the BIG deal with Hannah B. if she wins the Mirror Ball, Dancing With The Stars is fixed and we will never watch again. So what she lost in love we all have, get over it!!!!! Her 15 minutes of Fame are up (a long time ago)

  2. If Hannah Brown wins Dancing with the Stars it’s because she practiced her hurt off and earned it!! I’m routing for Hannah. She deserves happiness in love and dance. We love you Hannah!!!

  3. Geeze.. The show MUST be rigged. Hannah B. was clearly an amateur, which is what this show is supposed to
    be. She received incredibly poor treatment by these crabby ass, bitchy judges. The worst behavior by Carrie Ann to date. She stepped it up despite the wrath, and danced beautifully. Over this show.

  4. Hanna Brown is getting on my last nerve ever since she became a part of DWTS it has been all about her is it getting so tired of hearing about her it is like this is political really she makes me sick this is DWTS not Hanna Brown show give it a break now poor Miss Brown explaining her life who gives a rat a.s I don’t care I want her gone she is planning on ruing her partner life just like she dose everything else she should have been gone weeks ago so bye bye Hanna tell your story to others who cares you have ruin DWTS it is a joke this year you done this you ruined the show cause you made it about you like you did on the Bachelorette go away crawl under a rock and stay there sick of your stories

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