Hannah Brown’s Christmas traditions

Hannah Brown’s Christmas traditions

Hannah Brown‘s had a wild year. After she participated in The Bachelor, became the bachelor and won Dancing With The Stars, she is eager to relax at home for the holidays. In a recent interview with E! News, the former bachelorette shared some of her family’s traditions and, like her, they are quirky and sweet.

“I’m just excited to go back home,” she told E! News on the 102.7 KIIS FM 2019 Jingle Ball by iHeartRadio.

Brown recently went home for Thanksgiving after becoming a Mirrorball champion and enjoying a well-deserved rest. After a hectic year, to say the least, it’s no surprise that she can’t wait to come back.

Hannah Brown’s Christmas traditions

Hannah Brown shared a special holiday tradition that takes place every year at her parents’ home. It is a gherkin ornament.

“We always have a pickle, where you have to find the pickle on the tree. My mother really loves Christmas decorations and our tree is lush and beautiful. You find the pickle on Christmas Day, it’s quite a job. It’s a pickle ornament,” she explained.

The fact that Brown is old enough to get engaged doesn’t mean she’s too old for Santa Claus. The big man is still coming to the Brown house.

“We still have Santa,” she said. “Santa still comes to my house, you know, if you believe, you will receive. On Christmas morning wake up and see what Santa Claus brought, we still do that … and it’s so much fun. “

This year, Brown has the current packing obligation. But she looks forward to watching holiday movies while she does it.

“Watching those Hallmark Christmas movies while I have to pack all the presents, because Mom has put me in charge of them, that’s fun too,” she says.

As for the day itself, Brown says her family is playing games.

“We usually play at the end of the night at Christmas, so it’s just a good time,” she said. “It’s one of my favorite times of the year.”

Hannah Brown has a lot to be thankful for

Although Hannah Brown has certainly experienced quite a bit of hardship this year, the former beauty contest queen says she is also very grateful.

“It’s been really incredible,” she says about her 2019. “As a bachelor, going to some of these places and having experiences that have really tested me and made me feel stronger. It’s an accumulation of so many things. “

“Winning the Mirror Ball was also pretty great. I’ve just had a great year with many moments I’ll never forget,” she added.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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