Harrison Ford Issues Apocalyptic Climate Change Warning ‘Greatest Moral Crisis of Our Time’

Veteran actor Harrison Ford warned the world a drastic warning about the effects of climate change this weekend, describing it as the “greatest moral crisis of our time”.

In a recorded video before his appearance at the World Government Summit in Dubai on Sunday, the Star Wars actor urged those in charge around the world to urgently take action to reverse the alleged effects of man-made global warming.

“Freshwater shortages, higher greenhouse gas emissions, unprecedented fires, worldwide destruction. Is this the world we want? Harrison Ford said in the video. “Our planet, the only home we have, suffers. This is the bare truth. That is our reality. It is up to you and me to act now to face the greatest moral crisis of our time. Attack. It’s time to make a difference. It concerns you. “

Known as one of Hollywood’s most prominent environmental activists, the 76-year-old actor has repeatedly veiled President Donald Trump and other Republican leaders over skepticism about the man-made theory of climate change.

“We have an unprecedented moment in this country. The biggest threat today is not climate change, pollution, flood or fire, “said Ford in 2017, after receiving an environmental award from Conservation International, an organization he serves as vice chairman. “It’s that we have people who are responsible for some important people who do not believe in science.”

Of course, Ford has been producing a huge carbon footprint with centuries-old, carbon-permeable aircraft for decades. In 2015, Ford broke off an old World War II aircraft after the engine failed. He suffered only minor injuries. The Blade Runner Star also has a fleet of airplanes, cars, motorcycles and a Bell 407 helicopter.

Last month, Trump mocked claims by climate alarmists in the face of low temperatures throughout the county. Cities like Chicago broke records of up to minus 23 degrees.

“In the beautiful Midwest, wind chill temperatures are minus 60 degrees, the coldest ever recorded. It’s expected to get colder in the coming days, “Trump wrote on Twitter. “People can not even stay outside for minutes. What’s wrong with Global Waming? Please come back quickly, we need you! “

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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