Has Little People, Big World Season 23 Finished?

Has Little People, Big World Season 23 Finished?

The best part of subscribing to Dicovery+ is that programmes such as Little People, Big World can be watched before they air. For those unfamiliar with Discovery+, it offers a unique opportunity to watch episodes hours before they air.

For programs airing on TLC, new episodes will appear on Discovery+ at approximately 8 or 9 a.m. EST on the day they are scheduled to air. This gives fans HOURS of time to watch their favorite shows before they usually air later in the evening. For the past ten weeks, Tuesday nights have given TLC viewers one big thing: a new episode of The Roloff Family. For Discovery+ members, that meant getting an early look at a new episode of Little People, Big World for the past ten weeks. Turning to Discovery+ because it’s Roloff Tuesday, subscribers were hit with a bit of a disappointment. Where was this week’s new Little People, Big World episode? Unfortunately, no new episode of LPBW dropped on Discovery+ this week. Fortunately, there’s a very simple and obvious reason why. However, it’s not a reason that will bring comfort to fans.

Has Little People, Big World Season 23 Finished?

Like clockwork, LPBW fans could jump into their Discovery+ account every Tuesday morning and watch a new episode of The Roloff Family. Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible this week. Why? Unfortunately, there are no new episodes for season 23. Last week’s streamed episode was the season finale. So fans will have to wait for season 24.

The big question for Discovery+ viewers right now is simple: Will there be more episodes of Little People, Big World? When the 23rd season ends, will there be a 24th season? TLC is notorious for waiting until the last minute to announce renewals. Most of the time, fans don’t find out about updates until the season premieres are announced.

Written by Meghan Mentell

TV writer
Canadian journalist


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