Here Are 7 Simple Ways to Keep Your Food Fresher for Longer

There is nothing worse than spending half your salary on a ton of organic products at Whole Foods (or your other desired market that regularly cleans your bank account!) To throw away the rest half a day later. It happens to the best of us; we go hungry to the supermarket and the next thing we know is that we empty food for a month that needs to be consumed within a week. Talk about pressure!

Fortunately for us, however, there are a handful of simple and absolutely brilliant hacks that can seriously extend the life cycles of even the most delicate foods. In a video produced by So Yummy and posted on her Facebook page, we get a quick crash course about these brilliant food storage tips. Seriously, boys, these are so good, they have completely changed the way we do our shopping, a revelation that has already saved us some dough. Who could say ‘no’ to that?

But before diving directly into the clip, let’s look at some of the most intriguing highlights:

The ‘vacuum-free’ vacuum seal hack

If you are lucky enough to own your own vacuum sealer, then you know that the gadget can do wonders when it comes to the life of food, especially with meat. That said, these doo dads can give you at least a hundred dollars – and that doesn’t include those expensive bags for sealers.

Fortunately, you can recreate the magic performed by the vacuum sealer machine by simply immersing your ‘Ziploced’ meat in a barrel of cold water until all the air leaves the bag. Once finished, stick the bag of meat in the freezer to enjoy (much) later. Smart!

The ‘mold-free strawberry’ hack

Our strawberries tend to get moldy quickly, so when we learned from this trick, we were super fired! All you have to do is dip the batch of fruit in a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water. This bath should only take seconds! When you’re done, just stick the strawberries in the fridge and enjoy them for many more days!

The ‘bread in the cookie jar’ hack

Boy, do we like cookies, but boy, do we hate when they get old! To combat this gross nature, simply store your cookies in an airtight container and place a slice of white bread over the sweets before the lock is fastened. The bread absorbs all excess air and moisture and protects the sugary delicacies during the process. Astonishing!

Now that you’ve got a taste (you understand?) About how to extend the life of your favorite food easily and cheaply, it’s time for you to find out more about the four other recommended hacks. To see how you can also save your groceries from a trip to the compost heap, watch the video from So Yummy below. How did we not know about these tricks before?

We look forward to hearing from you how these food-saving tips and tricks are being adopted. Which one will you try first? Do you know other ways in which you can make your shopping last longer? How often do you go shopping?

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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