Homeownership for those with incomes less than $10,000 could soon be a reality.

Renting or renting a home is expensive regardless of how you view it. Finding a loan can be difficult, coming up with enough money for a down payment or a down payment can be difficult, and simply making a rental or mortgage payment. There are many families in Detroit who find it hard to find a place to live. Cass Community Services is working to change all this with small houses.

The organization feels that tiny homes are an affordable housing option.

It is planned to build these houses and make them available to low-income families. The group recently set up a fundraising campaign on Crowdrise to explain the plan. The page says:

“Cass Community Social Services has purchased two blocks north of its campus from Woodrow Wilson and Elmhurst (next to the Lodge Freeway) to make way for a new community of Tiny Homes. The homes will address three separate issues:

“1) They offer safe, clean and affordable housing for people on low incomes who can become homeowners without having to qualify for a mortgage or interest. Owners have an asset that they can use to get a loan, to sell something else, leave for their family at the time of their death, and the Tiny Homes can permanently break the cycle of poverty.

“2) The development of Tiny Homes will bring density and diversity to a neighborhood with hundreds of empty lots and abandoned houses. Each Tiny House will be a permanent structure and each of them will be distinctive from inside and outside – including verandas and decks, gardens and heirs.

“3) The environmentally-friendly Tiny Homes will be relatively inexpensive to build and maintain. EnergyStar devices, thick R-value insulation, low-flow faucets and fittings are just some of the energy-efficient features that the CO2 footprint of the owner will decrease. “

This is just the beginning, though.

The group hopes to get more donations and involve others in building these small houses in the Detroit area. Members want to help as many families as possible with their new project.

They have already built seven homes and are planning to build 18 more.

In addition to the houses, the people who live in them will have access to financial planning, nutrition classes, and mental health classes to help them overcome their situation so that they can improve their lives.

The organization has also built 10 slightly larger homes that are designed for families.

These families can live together comfortably in homes that they can afford. The program works and many people from all over the world have contacted the group to know how to start similar projects in their own community.

A spokesperson for the organization explained how well things are going.

“Finally, residents of the Tiny Homes have access to most of the other CCSS services available – educational, recreational, nutritional, medical, mental health programs and also social activities. Everything will be within a few blocks (a short distance for a pedestrian or cyclist) This will mean a huge improvement for people who don’t have transportation. “

This is just the beginning for this housing project and the organization, and the members intend to continue expanding the project.

They help families and make a difference in their community, a small house at the same time.

The organization is also working on other projects to restore other buildings in the community. Members take old schools and turn them into retirement homes and make other important changes to some of the abandoned and abandoned buildings to make them look better and serve the community. They are really working to make Detroit a better place and their efforts are becoming clearer. Everyone is excited to see how this project will grow and how many people will have a better life as a result.

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Written by Tommy Kilmer

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