Hosted By John Oliver Confirming Beyonce Was Photoshopped Into “The Lion King” Cast Photo

Although the reviews have not been great, the live action The Lion King is a certified hit. More than likely because Beyonce’s loyal stable of unstable madmen has bought the BeyHive, all tickets and all merchandise so far. And one of his newest members, John Oliver, reveals the totally non-shocking truth about a cast photo from the film with Beyonce in the front and center. Apparently after the photo was taken, Beyonce was added afterwards.

John Oliver has admitted in the past that he is a member of the BeyHive, and if he had ever had the opportunity to meet Beyonce, he fainted and slapped her feet. Or what most members of the BeyHive call “Hello”. So when he was recently on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the name of Beyonce naturally came to the fore, especially after Colbert Oliver asked what happened during the photo shoot. Many fans have speculated for some time that Beyonce was given the digital hologram treatment in post-production. And to be honest, one look at the photo and you can see a little that she wasn’t there or let one of those silent but deadly farts cause her co-stars to go left and right for some fresh air.

Maybe in the photo they also had no money for Photoshop James Earl Jones, because he was the one who should have been in the damn center. I don’t think he was there either, or he was the one who took the photo. According to BuzzFeed, Oliver confirmed during his interview with Colbert what we already knew by saying that Beyonce might be absent, but her presence was certainly felt.

“If you look at my face, I really look intimidated. And that is because I imagine that one day I am in a photo with Beyonce. And that was nerve-racking enough ”

Yes, one look at Oliver’s face and you will find that he has a fearful expression of joy and unworthiness, also known as the universal I Woke Up Like this morning of most BeyHive members. So he is already one step ahead when he really gets to know Beyonce, what he still needs to do at the moment. Although he made it perfectly clear that if he had to choose between Queen Bey and the other English broad on the throne, he would rather meet the first.

“If you had a choice between Beyonce and Queen Elizabeth II, is there anyone, including Queen Elizabeth II, who takes the second?”

I know John is a member of the BeyHive, but the most hardcore members will turn to him now because he has the guts to think that THE QUEEN (Beyonce) is similar to that other queen.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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