How did Jenelle Evans and David Eason meet?

Relationships are a lot of work, and Jenelle Evans from Teen Mom 2 seems to be going through a lot. However, the man she now lives with has been her husband since 2017. They have experienced many ups and downs, but so far they seem to make it work. In the mood for a crazy, dramatically filled love story? We have your solution here.

How did Jenelle Evans and David Eason meet?

How did Jenelle Evans and David Eason meet?

After Evan’s relationship with her fiancé and second baby daddy, Nathan Griffith, ended, Jenelle Evans returned to Tinder. She had been lucky on the platform before. There she had met Griffith, the man with whom she says she was the reason she was clean and sober. But now she was ready for a new beauty in her life.

She met David Eason at Tinder in 2015 and the couple immediately started a relationship. He met her many Instagram followers, in a message about their double date “muddin” in trucks on a rainy day. Jenelle Evans tagged the message #.

How did Jenelle Evans and David Eason meet?

At the time, the fans were happy to see her move up after the tumultuous relationship with Griffith. It appears that her previous relationship had more to fight than to get along, and they were both arrested during a domestic dispute. Yet it was difficult for her to fall apart, with guardianship fights, and especially because she is constantly facing a TV camera.

At the time, Jenelle Evans told US Weekly: “I should be the hardest moment for this season and Nathan shouldn’t hurry up and he should move on with someone else. That was just very hard for me to deal with, trying to to be a co-parent to him, but not to be resentful to him and at the same time to keep him away from my son. “

So now that Jenelle Evans seemed happy with a new guy, fans expected her life to calm down. Unfortunately, as often in the world of Teen Mom, there was still a lot of drama.

Another baby and another marriage for Jenelle Evans

How did Jenelle Evans and David Eason meet?

The new couple did not have to wait long before they expanded their family. They welcomed a baby girl, Ensley Jolie Eason, in 2017. It was the third child for Evans, and also the third child for Eason, who had two from previous relationships.

A short time later, Eason introduced and the two were married in a relaxed ceremony on their new estate in North Carolina. They had worked hard to prepare the house and the surrounding country for their marriage and life together. According to an Instagram message from Jenelle Evans , it took about 8 months of hard work, which they did themselves, to clean up the country.

Eason seemed very in love and often posted sweet feelings about Jenelle Evans in his Instagram posts. Together with her photo he would endorse the post with the words: “You take my breath away,” “You are so beautiful my darling,” and “I am a happy man.”

Evans seemed to support her husband just as well. When an uninformed (or perhaps just rude) person made a remark about the vitiligo of her new husband, which could be seen on Eason’s hand in a photo she placed, Evans quickly defended him. The commentator wrote: “Does he have AIDS, what is his hand?

Evans quickly jumped to his defense. “It’s called vitiligo, you’re an idiot,” she wrote. “It is a loss of pigment in your skin. People are for models nowadays. You should examine STDs if you don’t know what AIDS does to you … and don’t do that to your skin. Maybe you are the one with AIDS and don’t even know that you [sic] are as stupid as a box of stones my friend. “

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