How Is Wendy Williams Helping Others With Substance Abuse?

Wendy Williams started her career as a disc jockey and continued to host her own daytime talk show, The Wendy Williams Show. This is what most viewers know her from.

Williams is not your average daytime talk show host. She is known for being incredibly open about her personal struggles and favors help with drug abuse. It is this openness with its viewers that have attributed a lot of praise to Wendy Williams’ continued success in television and her ability to reflect viewer ratings even after they have fallen, which has happened on several occasions.

Although there are various causes in and around the heart of the talk show, substance abuse is the one on which she focuses most. For personal reasons, Wendy Williams has taken her time out in the open as a way to help others suffering from addiction. But how does Wendy Williams help others with substance abuse? This is what we know.

She’s open about her own struggles

Wendy Williams has millions of fans, and she is very open with them about her own struggle with addiction. Williams has previously spoken about her fight against cocaine addiction. When debuting the phone number for their addiction hotline, Williams opened a little more with her fans. Williams stated that although she had been sober for a while, it had been very difficult for her and was still a constant struggle. For this reason, Williams had chosen to live in a sober home indefinitely to help her cope with her problems.

It is also a known fact that her son, Kevin, Jr. also struggles with addiction. It was his given K2 that had caused the establishment of the youth addiction services organization, founded by Williams and her husband.

Why is her openness so important?

Wendy William ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Being so open about addiction serves two important goals for William’s viewers at home. First, it lets others fight against drug abuse, knowing that they are not the only ones in their struggle. Often this feeling of isolation is one of the biggest reasons for a relapse in addiction.

The second reason that just talking about drug abuse helps is that it breaks the stigma that so many people have. When a person discovers that someone they love or respect is fighting addiction, it starts changing the way they think about the kind of people who suffer from the problem.

While many have this fixed idea of who drug addicts are, that stereotype is far from accurate. Drug abuse can affect everyone – from gender to gender, of any age group, race, occupation, or income status.

The Hunter Foundation

Wendy William ile ilgili görsel sonucu

To help those suffering from drug abuse, Wendy Williams founded The Hunter Foundation with her husband, Kevin Hunter. The Hunter Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides necessary (and vital) assistance to young people who suffer from a drug abuse disorder and provides support to their families.

The organization works with various other partners to best serve those who need them. Some of their partners only offer financial contributions, while others (such as Facing Addiction with NCAAD) also offer substance abuse services.

24/7 hotline

The Hunter Foundation has recently added a 24/7 addiction hotline that can be reached at 1-888-5HUNTER. The line is free and is made with the idea that ‘a healthy body cannot work without a healthy mind and spirit’.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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