How Long Does It Take Kate Middleton to Get Ready For a Royal Outing? The duchess has a stylist to help pick out her clothes

How Long Does It Take Kate Middleton to Get Ready For a Royal Outing? The duchess has a stylist to help pick out her clothes

Kate Middleton is royal, which means that every move she makes will keep an eye on people. The Duchess of Cambridge is married to Prince William and will one day be the Queen, so in addition to an excellent reputation, she also does her best to look as perfect as possible in public. But how long does it take for the duchess to get her natural-looking makeup and perfectly blown hair?

Kate Middleton has become a fashion icon through the years

Since Kate officially joined the royal family in 2011, her appearance has attracted attention. It seems that no matter what she enters, people always study his outfits quickly. It has created something known as the “Kate effect” that occurs when Kate wears a new outfit in public. Similar styles usually fly off the shelves, suggesting that Kate plays an important role in determining what looks are for that season. The duchess has developed a very elegant style and continues to marvel at a royal engagement.

The duchess’ hair stylist uses dozens of hair products

Kate’s hairdresser once revealed in an Instagram post all the products the duchess uses to get her perfect hair. Amanda Cook Tyler photographed dozens of beauty products that she packed during a royal trip and because Prince William’s hair is a bit, uh, thin (no offense, William), it is safe to assume that all products would be on Kate used. The photo contained 13 hairbrushes and six combs, plus three hair curlers and two hair dryers. In total there were more products than would ever fit on the average counter. Fans noticed, however, that most of them were reasonably affordable, with some starting at $ 3.

It’s safe to say it probably takes several hours for her to get ready

Although neither the duchess nor her stylist have ever confirmed how long it takes to get ready, it can be assumed that it takes at least a few hours based on the crazy number of products used. In addition to showering, shaving and everything women normally do when they get ready, Kate then lets her do her hair professionally and there are clearly several steps in that process. In addition, she must choose an outfit (which may be done in advance) and then ensure that her makeup is also done. It would be no surprise if Kate takes about three hours to get ready from start to finish.

The duchess has a stylist to help pick out her clothes

For several years, Kate has been relying on Natasha Archer to style her for every important event. And earlier this year, Kate brought someone new to her style team to make sure she looks first-class. Virginia Chadwyck-Healey has known Kate and William since the two went together to the University of St. Andrews and now both Chadwyk-Healey and Archer are working on giving Kate the best possible appearance. Harper’s Bazaar reported that from 2018 Kate’s fashion choices had a greater effect on the US market than that of Meghan Markle, demonstrating that the Duchess of Cambridge has more influence on the fashion industry.

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