How Playing Meghan Markle Changed Tiffany Smith’s Life

Even before Tiffany Smith was released as Meghan Markle in Lifetime’s sequel to Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance, Becoming Royal, the actress’s friends had noticed the similarity between Smith and the former Suits actress.

“They were like,” There is a girl who looks a bit like you, and if we miss you, we look at Suits because it makes us feel closer to you, “Smith told Vanity Fair during a recent telephone interview. “It was very sweet. And then, once Megan and Prince Harry went out together, it started to happen more and more often where people would say, “Do you know what you look like?” “

How Playing Meghan Markle Changed Tiffany Smith’s Life

Smith, who previously appeared on Supernatural, feels a certain affinity with the actress-turned-duchess she plays in Becoming Royal, which is premiered on Monday. Both she and Markle have become accustomed to the Hollywood love sorrow that an actress often experiences – developing close ties with a cast and crew just to reach a new family with every project. Both are also multiracial – and Smith opened conversations with her own parents about the difficulties of their relationship between different races during the preparation of the part. “It increased the respect and joy that I have that Harry and Meghan are together,” said Smith.

Both Smith and Markle also strongly believe in female empowerment. And while many media reports were in the foreground of her faithful wife in the run-up to her marriage, the film took the time that Markle remained loyal to her female friends, including Kate, as rocky as her transition to royalty was sometimes. “My friendships with girls are so important and make me go through so many great and difficult moments,” said Smith. “We have seen Meghan talk so much about empowering women and supporting women. When those scenes [on which Markle’s female bands were shown] were written, I thought, “Yes, this feels good to me,” and all [female] cast members on the set felt the same. Because I truly believe in my heart that she appreciates and cherishes her female friendships. “

And both Markets exchanged whirlwind courtships with her own Harry-the Suits actress who married Prince Harry within two years of him, while Smith had only a few days to get to know her screen prince, Charlie Field.

“The casting process was so fast that we first met in Vancouver when we were about to take pictures,” said Smith, who immediately invited Field to a Canucks hockey game. “As soon as I met him, I thought,” Hey, I have these cards. . . . “I immediately felt like a girl like that, do you want to be with me every day of the day?” The production also continued a new band activity – a horror-like escape room for just two. “He and I are both frightened cats. . . and I soon found out that if something bad came to Charlie, he would certainly have put me in front of him and would say, “You take care of me,” “smiled Smith.” It was a lot of fun. . . and luckily for us we could get along very well and very easily. “

Lifetime becomes courageous royal and Smith and her castmates reconstruct exact scenes that have taken place in the media, from the often photographed holiday outings of the Fab Four to their performance on stage in 2018 at the first annual Royal Foundation Forum, of which there is video is. “We continued to look at the images we had seen of them and did our best to be as close as possible to them,” said Smith. “A lot of us were practicing – each of us had seen the clip so many times that when we were looking at each other, we said,” Oh my god, you understood that. ” It was really, really interesting to shoot and fun for all of us, I think. “

How Playing Meghan Markle Changed Tiffany Smith’s Life

Smith said that playing Markle was a privilege. “I love seeing women who are super fit and doing great things,” she said. “Taking over part of [Meghan’s] life, the smallest part, was such a crazy, incredible honor for me… It really feels great to have my first lead role in playing someone I respect so much for. I have certainly added a lot of pressure, because I want to do her justice as much as possible. “

Although Smith was aware of the royal family before the project, she now follows them better – with special attention to the way Markle uses her platform, Duchess of Sussex, for philanthropic and female empowerment. “It has been very nice to follow everything she has done,” said Smith, showing how Markle’s play inspired her to see “which pieces of that kind of work I can incorporate into my daily life. is now philanthropy or simply focused on loving people more and bringing them into the world more … although they are not aware that Harry and Meghan can do it on a much larger scale. “

Regarding the possibility that Markle sees himself Becoming Royal? “As an actress, and I can only speak for myself, but if there was a movie about me, I’d like to watch it,” said Smith. “In my dream world, if they would look at it, I would really hope that they could just be delighted and happy and enjoy it – and see that there are so many people who are really happy with the love they have and the good that they do it. “

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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