How Robyn Brown’s Addition Changed the Dynamic of the Sister Wives Family

How Robyn Brown's Addition Changed the Dynamic of the Sister Wives Family

In season 17 of Sister Wives, fans watched Christine Brown extract herself from her plural marriage to Kody Brown. By the end of the season, it was revealed that Janelle and Meri Brown had also ended their marriages to Kody, leaving him with just one wife, Robyn Brown.

Despite this, rumors have been circulating in the off-season that Robyn and Kody Brown are considering adding another sister wife to the family. The exact details of these rumors have not been confirmed, but it is clear that the Brown family dynamic has shifted in recent months.

It is currently unconfirmed whether or not there will be a season 18 of the TLC reality show “Sister Wives.” However, according to the “Tender Loving Care” podcast, Kody and Robyn Brown may be pursuing a new wife. The podcast claims to have a source who says Kody and Robyn traveled abroad to court a potential new wife, but the meeting reportedly ended in disappointment. It is important to note that this information has not been officially confirmed by TLC or the Brown family and should be treated as rumor or speculation.

Steaming hot tea would certainly be an interesting reality TV series. However, it seems unlikely that fans would see Kody Brown’s failed courtship on television. It wouldn’t be the first time a rumour about a new woman failed to materialise.

Shortly after Meri dealt with her catfishing scandal, rumours circulated that Kody had set his sights on a much younger fifth wife. In fact, the Sister Wives Wikipedia page was briefly updated to include the alleged fifth wife. The fifth wife never appeared.

How Robyn Brown’s Addition Changed the Dynamic of the Sister Wives Family

The patriarch of the Brown family on the reality show “Sister Wives,” Kody Brown, has stated that he can no longer promote polygamy as a sustainable way of life. The show depicts in-fighting, marital strife, and jealousy within the family, and fans argue that the addition of a fourth wife, Robyn, changed the dynamic entirely.

Kody Brown’s three ex-wives have hinted that he had a “favorite” wife that changed over the years, and before the family’s move to Arizona, Robyn became the “favorite” and “head wife,” leaving the other three feeling excluded.

Season 17 of the TLC series “Sister Wives” was a success in terms of viewership numbers, but it is yet to be confirmed if an 18th season will be ordered. There are still many stories to tell and it seems likely that another season will happen. However, it is unlikely that a new wife will be added to the storyline, as fans may instead be shown footage documenting the breakdown of Kody Brown’s marriage to Janelle Brown.

Written by Meghan Mentell

TV writer
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