How to Get the Sweet Zodiac Charm Necklaces Meghan Markle Wore for Prince Harry and Archie!

How to Get the Sweet Zodiac Charm Necklaces Meghan Markle Wore for Prince Harry and Archie!

Meghan Markle likes to keep her family together.

While visiting military families earlier this month, Meghan wore two new gold necklaces with sentimental significance, with the astrological signs of the stars of Prince Harry and his 6-month-old son Archie.

“We are on the moon, we are so honored that she is wearing our charms,” ​​Sue Henderson, founder of Suetables, tells PEOPLE. “We are a small Canadian brand, so this is a great day for us.”

The hand-stamped 10-carat gold charms were given to the royal mother and include her “Shirley” design ($ 79), which features a maiden, Harry’s zodiac symbol, which is a Virgo, and the “Vanessa “($ 159) a gold coin pendant with a bull, which is the zodiac sign of Taurean Archie.

“Most people celebrate their children when it comes to personalized jewelry, but I think the fact that she has also chosen to celebrate Prince Harry is a real sign of how much she loves her family,” says Henderson, who lives in Toronto, where she has two stores.

How to Get the Sweet Zodiac Charm Necklaces Meghan Markle Wore for Prince Harry and Archie!

The necklaces were given by a friend of Meghan who entered the Montreal store. “It happened organically, a friend of his just entered the store and bought them. We knew I could wear them soon, so we’ve been watching, but it took us a few days to find them, ”reveals the jeweler, who started making custom jewelry from his basement in 2005.

Earlier this year, Princess Diana’s former astrologer, Penny Thornton, gave an idea of ​​Archie’s zodiac sign.

“The strongest connections in the letter are between Archie and Harry: he is a bit out of the old block, that’s Harry’s block,” Thornton told PEOPLE, adding: “In his firstborn, Harry found another soulmate. “.

“Born when the Sun came out in Taurus, Archie has all the strength of the Sun over his personality and will be a sunny child: strong, charismatic and confident,” he added. “With the strong influence of Uranus, Mercury in conjunction with Uranus will be a prankster or at least have an independent mind.”

Since the discovery, Henderson has been in contact with his supplier in Toronto to increase production, as both styles are proving to be very popular, but have not yet been sold out.

“There are orders that arrive every minute, it is very rewarding for us as a small business,” says the founder, who launched her retail business in 2014. “Ninety percent of all our orders are usually from Canada, now they come from Australia, Czech Republic, France, all over the world! ”

It is not the first time that Meghan uses custom necklaces to honor her family. Earlier this year, he attended the US Open. UU. To watch her friend tennis champion Serena William play, with dog tag collars from Mini Mini Jewels, which featured her own initial and “H” for Harry.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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