How warmly can Charles greet Donald Trump, the man who leered at both Kate and Diana?

The latest news about Donald Trump’s state visit, now allegedly reinvented as one of those new, 3G, multi-generational vacations, and with an all-encompassing “concomitant” journey to the world’s oldest theme park, mentions presidential hopes of an encounter between his daughter Ivanka, the former model, and William and Kate.

No matter how old-fashioned it sounds, Ivanka’s outreach could be the Trumpian idea of ​​diplomacy, not least because Ivanka, recently returned from Africa, now has her own adventures in white saviorship to share. Every long-term meeting with Donald-Kate did not look at it from 2012, when he commented on illegally taken pictures of the duchess sunbathing, topless. The royal couple, who later won £ 92,000 in compensation, said, “The incident is reminiscent of the worst press and paparazzi excesses during the life of Diana, Princess of Wales.”

Trump studied the snapshots. His opening tweet, posted at 7:03 PM, around the time – we know now – he likes to retire to his bed with junk food, reads: “Kate Middleton is great – but she can’t lie naked on the sunbed – just blame herself After thinking for a minute, he added, “Who wouldn’t take Kate’s photo and make a lot of money doing the nude sunbathing thing. Come on Kate!” Still calling disapprovingly, he called Fox & Friends: “Why would she be naked be outside? Why would she stand naked in a swimming pool …? “

In the absence of a formal apology, the palace presumably adopts secret banquet conventions for placing a visiting president and a local princess whom he has accused as a victim. A minimum of 15 places on the spot always, since the time of Victoria, separates a foreign head of state from everyone – above the rank of duchess – he has slutshamed, more like the visitor’s recent past also functions, as with this president, leering , mugs, tantrums, handshake fights and the verbal violence of women. In fact, amid the rigor of the correct perv or villain placement, it really does justice to the huge, internationally unparalleled collection of superfluous or otherwise seemingly useless smaller royal houses. Princess Michaels of Kent is like a teaspoon: you can never have too much of it. Regarding Andrew, fellow full-time golfer and frequent flyer with an unrestrained hatred of the press, it is predicted that he will be worth his weight in gold during the visit to the Trump.

Under the circumstances, a meeting between Kate and Ivanka would offer a new start; an opportunity for the younger generation to identify with shared experience: Trump is known to be sinister about his own daughter! When asked if Ivanka could pose in Playboy, he said: “She has a very beautiful figure. I said that if Ivanka wasn’t my daughter, I might go out with her.”

How warmly can Charles greet Donald Trump, the man who leered at both Kate and Diana?

With William present, Ivanka also has a chance to dispel any lingering clumsiness regarding Trump’s sexual interest in his deceased mother, to the point that Diana apparently felt she was being stalked. Then he wrote in public that he had “nailed” Diana (provided she had taken an HIV test), Trump wrote in The Art of the Comeback: “I have only one regret in the women’s section, that I never had the opportunity had to prosecute Lady Diana Spencer. “

How warmly can Charles greet Donald Trump, the man who leered at both Kate and Diana?

In her history of state visits, this is probably the first time the queen has a head of state at work who is not only unpleasant, lying, unprincipled, vain, racist, sexually predatory, hate of women, silly, unreliable, a threat to world peace and, seen his denial of the climate need, also for future generations, but who has also indicated an eerie interest in two female members of her own family. However, that may mean that if your job description includes hospitality for certified killers, that hardly means anything. And it is not that Trump killed one of her citizens with plutonium or novichok, as an unconverted house guest. The one that is also close to Trump and Trump Jr.

Even at the age of 93, and with massive street protests in prospect, the queen could feel that the royal escort work that has seen her endorse Ceausescu, Mugabe and any number of bloody patriarchs is something she cannot reasonably hold back from the strong stable genius now fueling war with Iran.

But Charles, new to his work, could revise this recently invented tradition; leave the obvious risk of contamination to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He doesn’t have to welcome Trump, attend his banquet, and give the brand the favor of a private cuppa. But these priceless PR gifts to a man who thought it was worth to fake a cover of Time magazine (“Trump hits on all fronts!”), Along with the symbolic recognition of a co-dynasty, have been welcomed as proof of maturity on the part of the now and then mutinous prince.

So empty claims about the national benefits that come from organizing military parades and parties for psychopaths, you gather, won’t stop with his mother’s reign. Also under King Charles III we will continue to appreciate the fatal – albeit unidentified – consequences for British prosperity visiting royals and villains once denied the opportunity to discuss travel arrangements with under the radar diplomats Beatrice and Eugenie.

Whether the prince intends to explain sustainability to Trump, or has come to believe, just like the queen, that it is a sacred destination to be pimped, his warm welcome to the puss grabber takes little account of possible public feelings about the value and decency of these rituals, even if the visitors are not blatantly filthy. Because the only obvious beneficiaries of ceremonial visits are their star performers, the prince’s role in the upcoming show also sheds light on his commitment to prevent catastrophic climate change.

Trump’s visit is intended to increase the status of the world’s leading climate crisis denialemer. It will simultaneously advertise the dutiful contributions of its royal hosts. Charles must have decided that the end justifies the means.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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