How Will Baby Sussex Change Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Royal Lives?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are getting ready to welcome their first child. But with a new baby comes some important changes in life. The two are both very excited to be parents, but how will the arrival of their new baby affect their royal life?

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The royal couple will welcome a baby in late April

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Harry and Meghan’s romance moved fairly quickly. The couple originally started dating in 2016, but only about a year and a half later they were already engaged. Royals don’t usually have long engagements and Meghan and Harry have planned their wedding in just six months. They are getting married in May 2018 and have expressed an interest in starting a family soon after they are married. Only about two months passed before Meghan became pregnant. The couple announced in October that they would welcome a baby in the spring of 2019. Meghan said she should be at the end of April, but apart from that, very few details about Baby Sussex have been released.

Harry and Meghan will likely take some time off when the baby is born

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As soon as Meghan and Harry welcome their new baby, they will probably take some time off from royal duties to spend time with their little one. Not only do they need some quality time with Baby Sussex, but they also need to take parenthood into account – sleepless nights and many diapers mean that things will definitely be different, and throwing tons of royal engagements into the mix would probably only make them drive crazy. In addition, Kate Middleton and Prince William took time off when each of their children was born, so it would be logical for Meghan and Harry to do the same.

The couple will still have plenty of royal duties, but they’ll schedule them around Baby Sussex’s needs

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Meghan and Harry want to be very hands-on parents; they don’t even want to hire a babysitter. The couple do all their own shopping and they want to keep doing that and bring their child to school every day when he or she grows old enough. Although they still turn up regularly for the royal family, they will not want to commit to agreements that would affect their ability to age their children. As the children of Will and Kate grow older, the royal spotlight will shift a little to focus more on Will’s family, so that Harry and Meghan will hopefully not sacrifice too much quality time with their children.

Harry and Meghan hope to make their royal lives even more private once they become parents

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This royal couple wants to play in the spotlight as much as possible. Harry remembered earlier how he hates being watched as closely as a child, and so he hopes to keep his child’s life as normal as possible. The couple have already decided to leave Kensington Palace to live a more private life, and Harry and Meghan are probably hoping to take more distance when their baby arrives. At the moment, Harry is the most beloved royal of all, so the audience loves him. But as Will’s family grows up and Harry starts raising his own, he hopes to get even more out of the spotlight.

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