I Am Jazz: Jazz Jennings Struggles With Mental Health

I Am Jazz: Jazz Jennings Struggles With Mental Health

Jazz Jennings has been to college at Harvard. But she’s returning home for the upcoming I Am Jazz season. She’s ready to claim independence while living with her parents. Yet she faces a few obstacles. Jazz had to work hard to prove to Greg and Jeanette Jennings that he was ready to manage school on his own. Jeanette, however, wasn’t sure if her daughter could handle independence. So she went to Harvard to help the TLC celebrity settle into her new environment.

The “I Am Jazz” reality star didn’t like that her mother wanted to go with her. She wanted to show she could manage without anyone’s help. So now, when he heads back home after the semester, he wants to prove she doesn’t need her parents’ help. But can Jeanette step back?

I Am Jazz: Jazz Jennings Struggles With Mental Health

Jazz Jennings doesn’t just want to assert his independence when he is back home in Florida. She’s also looking for love. She’s ready to re-enter the world of dating. But his plan to find a partner seems to be a secret. Her mother, Jeanette Jennings, feels she needs to keep a closer eye on her daughter. She only wants the best for the I Am Jazz star.

They have dealt with many transphobic comments. So she is doing everything she can to make sure her daughter is not harmed. However, meddling in his daughter’s love life is not going well.

Jazz Jennings secures a date after four years. However, he gets upset when Jeanette crashes the afterparty. She wants her freedom from her mother. But Jeanette seems to find it hard to let her daughter handle her own affairs.

Jazz Jennings has always dealt with negative comments. But the hate is getting worse and his mental health is taking a hit.

Although she wants independence from her parents, her mother is the only person she wants to talk to about the cruel treatment she has received.

Jazz becomes the target of death threats, which panics Jeanette Jennings. The I Am Jazz celebrity cries to her mother about all the hate. She is upset that the treatment she receives from people will not stop. Dealing with the anger is starting to wear her down.

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