Interesting Facts About Camila Cabello

Interesting Facts About Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello bet on herself and won. The Cuba-born pop star left her snug performance with Fifth Harmony during the band’s peak in 2016 to pursue a solo career and the gamble paid off, with Cabello scoring a number 1 number and number 1 album in her solo debut .

The music industry has taken note, including Sir Elton John. He told Apple Music’s Beats 1 (via People) that Cabello’s records make him happy and make him smile, what exactly? That is a lot of praise. And to think, she got her start on X-Factor and only managed to get third with her 5H bandmates. But you probably already knew that. Here are some facts about Cabello, one of the rapidly emerging stars of pop music that you may not know.

It’s been a while since she’s visited Havana

Interesting Facts About Camila Cabello

Cabello gave us the Cuban national anthem that we never knew needed with her hit list “Havana” – a catchy love letter to the city a few minutes from where she was born. And in the sultry music video, Cabello brings the Cuban taste of the song to life with bongos, fedora, salsa dancing and an antique car. The only thing missing was the city that Cabello sang about.

The petite singer filmed the nearly seven-minute video in Los Angeles, not Havana. She told Elvis Duran and the Morning Show that she has not been to Cuba since she was 14: it was “before I started singing professionally”. That of course also means that she did not record the music video of the “Hey Ma” in Cuba in her home country. If you were fooled, you are not alone. “There is this part of Miami and it is called Española Way,” Cabello told 92.3 AMP Radio about the video “Hey Ma”. “And it looks exactly like Cuba.”

Cabello did not explain why she did not return to Cuba in recent years, but it could be assumed that complex travel rules may have played a role. J Balvin – who worked with Cabello and Pitbull on “Hey Ma” – referred to the difficulties of traveling to Cuba to film “Hey Ma” in an interview with E! News. “It should be Cuba,” said Balvin. “But for our agenda it was rather difficult to go there.”

She was good enough for Simon Cowell, but not her elementary school choir

Interesting Facts About Camila Cabello

Who knew that the primary school choir was so competitive? Cabello’s singing career began a rocky start when she sang “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee” for her fourth-grade choral audition. She told Elvis Duran that her anxiety occurred while trying, making her forget the words. Because her teacher told her it would be good, she felt she still had a chance to make the cut. “But then I showed up two days later to see my name on the list. No. No name on the list. I didn’t make it,” Cabello said. “But I made it the following year. Perseverance, people.”

The story is reminiscent of Cabello’s trip to X-Factor, which also involved rejection. As the story goes, producers of the singing competition designated her as an alternative during auditions and repeatedly said it was not worth appearing. She insisted and eventually got an audition for the judges, including Cowell and L.A. Reid, presumably remembering the words this time. We cannot say for sure, because her audition was never broadcast.

All these years later, Cowell still says her name wrong

Interesting Facts About Camila Cabello

There is a correct way to pronounce Cabello’s first name, and then there is a Cowell way. The correct way to say it is Ca-ME-la. You see, it’s not that hard. But Cowell never said it well for some reason and called her Ca-MILL-a. “When I first met Simon like five years ago, I called myself that,” said Cabello, who has been signed to Cowell’s Syco Entertainment and Epic Records since her fifth Harmony days, in an interview with the UK 95-106 Capital FM . . “And I was too shy to say anything, so he still calls me Ca-MILL-a. And now it’s like we’ve known each other for so long that I actually look stupid if I correct him.”

Cabello’s nombre has been slaughtered so often that she used the phonetic spelling in her Twitter name, but that doesn’t give Cowell a chance to anglicate it. He has heard the correct statement at least a hundred times when dealing with people who work closely with Cabello. Did he not notice? Or maybe, as Cabello told Capital FM, it is a British thing.

She has a perfectly good reason for not getting a tattoo

Interesting Facts About Camila Cabello

Cabello is ink-free and intends to keep it that way – probably. She told Lmnola that she would consider getting a bow tattoo on her pink toe (perhaps a tongue-in-cheek reference to the oversized pink bow that she wore on X-Factor?), But in general it seemed she lukewarm about the whole thing.

When KTU 103.5 FM asked if she would ever get a tattoo, Cabello replied “I don’t think so, because I feel that I am going through different stages of my life and, for me, as if everything has to change. … I just love to transform. I don’t even like to wear the same clothes or the same bracelet. If I go for something, it is very drastic. “Yes, Camila, we know it.

She hasn’t learned to drive, but says it’s not her fault

Interesting Facts About Camila Cabello

Music has given Cabello everything she could ask for and more. She has fame, wealth and a very coveted membership of the Taylor Swift team. But there is a certain disadvantage to Cabello’s busy career, albeit a small one: she doesn’t know how to drive. “I went to Los Angeles for X Factor when I was 15 years old and have been working non-stop ever since,” Cabello told Sound Exchange. “To be honest, I didn’t have time! I’m too clumsy and distracted to drive a car. I think … at least for the time being.”

Cabello talks about learning to drive as many of us talk about the gym. She often says she will continue, just to postpone. Oh well, she can always just cycle to make ends meet – wait, never mind.

She dreaded the first few interviews after her Fifth Harmony exit

Interesting Facts About Camila Cabello

Cabello felt the wrath of some die-hard Fifth Harmony fans about her exit from the group and was blamed for the fallout with her former band members in the media, honest or not. So when it was time for Cabello to do her first interviews after the messy breakup, she was understandably terrified.

“I remember the first few interviews, I was so frightened that I had to go to the bathroom to breathe,” Cabello told Los40, Spain. “Of course, the first few interviews, you know what kind of questions you’re going to get. … Now I feel like I’m just kind of, you know what? Anything. I feel … if you As you get older, you get a more realistic perspective of what should matter. So what you were previously afraid of, you’re actually a little bit, it’s no problem. There are bigger things. “

Tell that to the remaining members of Fifth Harmony. Although Cabello has repeatedly raised the subject when asked in interviews, her former bandmates are small and visibly irritated by the subject, which can cost them the battle they once won in the public opinion court.

Her post-Fifth Harmony career got off to a flat start

Interesting Facts About Camila Cabello

Now that Cabello has become a pop favorite, it’s easy to forget that she staggered out the fence with the overwhelming “Crying in the Club,” her first single after Harmony’s fifth split. Cabello was under pressure to make a statement as a solo artist, but the boring dance track that was co-written by Sia never really caught on, peaking at number 47 on the Billboard 100.

Cabello finally closed the song and left it from her album, Camila. Her manager, Roger Gold, told the New York Times: “The reality of that song is that it doesn’t feel or sound like Camila. The main subject matter in this whole thing was that we were most successful when Camila relied on her own instincts. ” Joey Arbagey, A&R’s executive vice president at Epic Records, made similar comments in the New York Post: “Crying in the Club was not the absolute first choice of music from Camila. We were all very nervous.”

Believe it or not, label higher ups also had serious doubts about Cabello’s next single, “Havana,” according to producer Frank Dukes, but the song became a hit and gave her solo career the boost it needed. Crisis averted.

She isn’t shy about her flatulence

Interesting Facts About Camila Cabello

Breaking news: Camila Cabello farts. It’s true. That might be hard for some to believe, but she confirmed the news in interviews. She was initially embarrassed about the subject – such as during a Fuse interview in 2013 when her band members then called her flatulence – but now she’s pretty open about it. Some may say too open.

During an interview with Bop (via Press Party), Cabello remembered that she was passing gas for her fourth grade infatuation: “I panicked and blamed the chair I was sitting on …” She also told Hot 97 confidently , “in the studio, when it’s really quiet – that’s exactly when it happens. And sometimes you just have to own it. You just have to be like” I farted. “

The toilet talk does not end there. She told Elvis Duran “… a great way not to be intimidated by people is to imagine them pooping. … I have started to do that more and more and it works. It means we are all human to be.” Continue.

She fangirls over her friendship with Taylor Swift

Interesting Facts About Camila Cabello

Imagine that you have somehow succeeded in getting an invitation to Swift’s team. Congrats! You must be really beautiful. Now, do you act as if you belong and play it cool or do you recite facts about Swift’s career that only a stan would know and risk as a fangirl? Believe it or not, Cabello, long-time Swiftie, chose the latter.

“[Swift will be] like,” When this happened … “and I will be like:” You wrote “Love story about that!” Cabello Glamor told. “I feel like she knows, because I’ll randomly send her a text when I listen to” Enchanted “and say,” This song is so good! ” It is cool that I am on the inside of the ‘thing’ because I have been a fan of it for so long. “

The lesson, as always: famous people can get away with anything.

She has a favorite US city, and it’s not the one she calls home

Cabello has a lot of love for Miami. It’s been where she lives since she came to the US when she was 6 years old. But it’s not her favorite city in the US. That honor goes to New York. “New York is absolutely … my favorite place [in the United States] …” Cabello told KTU 103.5. “I live in Miami and I love Miami, there is just an energy [in New York] that is just magical.”

Sex and the City may have something to do with her crush. She admitted in the interview that she had watched the show (she said she was Carrie, although others may think she is Charlotte, FYI).

Cabello is so hung on the Big Apple that she dreams of ever living there. “I want to go to New York to get my apartment,” she told Rolling Stone, “and I want to fall in love.” But to be clear, the romantic fantasy of Cabello does not cover the winter months. “I couldn’t do it in the winter, though,” she told SiriusXM Hits 1. “I don’t know how you do it.” See, Cabello is still a South Floridean in heart and soul.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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