Is Emma Watson Dating Tom Felton?

In recent years, many have always speculated that every man with Emma Watson has been seen, she is dated.

From Prince Harry to Harry Styles, the actress just can not take a break when it comes to rumors around her dating site.

Recently, Harry Potter fans were in a frenzy after many claimed that Emma Watson was dating with her Hogwarts classmate Tom Felton (also known as Draco Malfoy).

The two cast partners have been spotted by spending a lot of quality time together, but both Watson and Felton have revealed that they are just very good friends.

Of course Emma Watson had her honest friends, but who exactly dated the actress in the past?

Will Adamowicz

In 2011, Emma Watson met Will Adamowicz during her studies at the University of Oxford. They were first photographed together at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in 2012, where they were caught exchanging a couple of kisses during the day.

While attending Coachella, the actress hoped with all attendees that she and Adamowicz could go unnoticed, but that clearly did not go as planned.

As she spoke with Glamor, Emma Watson revealed how paparazzi can really put pressure on her relationships.

“My friend got tickets [to Coachella] for my birthday and what am I going to say?” No, I’m not going because I do not want to be photographed? ” But it was a huge crowd, and I thought there was no way anyone could take pictures of me in any way, but somehow they found me. “

She continued: “It’s hard for my dating, because everyone I’m photographed with is automatically my boyfriend, so it just makes me have 6,000 friends!”

It was not revealed if Will Adamowicz had a problem with the lack of privacy, but in 2014, he and Watson called it stop after three years of dating.

Tom Ducker

In 2006 Emma Watson showed her first public relationship with rugby player Tom Ducker.

It was not revealed how the two met, but Emma Watson had achieved a tremendous amount of fame with her role as Hermoine in the Harry Potter films. That’s why Ducker and Ducker tried to keep their relationship away from prying eyes.

After having dated for a year, it was reported that Emma Watson stopped Tom Ducker because of her work schedule and wanted to concentrate more on her studies.

The actress’s representative revealed: “They just do the same thing as teens do, Emma now concentrates solely on her A-levels and the new movie.”

Although Watson knew that stopping Ducker was the best, she was still very distraught when things ended since he was her first love.

Matthew Janney

After her split of Adamowicz, Emma Watson began dating rugby star who also studied at the University of Oxford, Matthew Janney.

Around the beginning of their relationship was revealed: “It is early, but they are very much together.”

After a year of dating, Emma Watson and Matthew Janney decided to end their relationship, which the actress describes as a “horrible” time.

It was so terrible that Watson even made a vow of a week of silence, just to get himself through all the disintegration.

“I felt really uncomfortable,” she told Us Weekly, “even before my relationship ended, I went to a quiet retreat because I really wanted to know how I could be at home with myself.”

Jay Barrymore

A year after Emma Watson ended her relationship with Tom Ducker, it was reported that the actress had a new relationship.

Watson started dating Jay Barrymore in 2008 with British financier and the two had a relationship for two years until they decided to end things.

Many believed that Barrymore was seven years older than Watson played a role in their breakup.

However, it was revealed that their long-distance relationship was the main reason.

Emma Watson was in the United States at Brown University when Jay Barrymore was in England. A friend near the couple claimed that Watson and Barrymore were “in trouble for months” and “the transatlantic gap proved too much for their relationship to survive.”

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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