Is Prince Harry Becoming the Ultimate Instagram Husband?

Today, Kensington Palace Instagram shared a photo of the Duchess of Sussex, rocking her baby bump under a canopy of New Zealand trees. It stuck out. Yes, it was a nice shot – almost everything from this genetically blessed, best dressed group is – but it felt different from the rest of the food.

Much of the content on the official royal Instagram is, or appears to be, at least professionally recorded. But this seemed a lower resolution; less polished. More . . . amateurish.

And that’s because it was. After a caption that quoted Kate Sheppard, the famous New Zealand suffrogist, was a camera emoji and an honor: “The Duke of Sussex,” it said.

Prince Harry and Meghan have recently immersed their toes in the social media game – Meghan tweeted a photo of Harry giving his Invictus Games speech and later a photo of Harry was added to the Kensington Palace Instagram story in a helicopter. But this shot, from a beautiful Meghan who was striking a pose, was not a spontaneous shot. It was a gram.

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A ‘gram is an orchestrated, but not a formal photo that you know she likes. See: engagement / wedding / announcement posts, when a subject lounges in an infinity pool and looks longingly at the ocean, or poses in some European cobblestone street with a coordinating outfit, or wears a Halloween costume months in the making. Beyoncé, Emily Ratajkowski and all Kardashians are masters of the ‘gram. And this photo, of a radiant Meghan wearing her husband’s jacket, gently holding her stomach while the vastness of nature surrounded her? That belongs squarely in the ‘gram category’.

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Not long ago, Meghan Markle published these kinds of photos every day. Her food was filled with cute outfits and fantastic vacations and other aesthetically attractive possessions. But before her marriage to Prince Harry, her bills were removed and it seemed that Insta-Markle was lost forever. But maybe she just pressed pause.

And behind every great ‘grammer is a great good, okay, maybe just breathable and willing photographer. A while ago, the internet coined the term “Instagram friend” or “Instagram husband” to describe a partner who is the constant photographer of their other half. It’s not a negative term – Barack Obama is an Instagram husband, just like Jay-Z, and Murad Osmann’s photos of his now wife who led him places helped him get 4.3 million followers.

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Now it seems that the club has a new member: Prince Harry. Although the couple will soon no longer spend time on koalas or hanging out in historic forests, they will have a baby along the way, resulting in endless photo shots – even more opportunities for Prince Harry to capture the best corners of his wife.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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