Is There Enough Room for Queen Elizabeth and Meghan Markle to Be Celebrities?

Actress-turned-duchess Meghan Markle has been on the front page of every gossip magazine and website from the very beginning of the royal family. However, not everyone is happy that Meghan Markle gets so much attention, especially when Queen Elizabeth is the person sitting on the throne.

So what exactly is going on? Should Meghan Markle take a step back and play a supporting role for the queen or can both be at the front?

Is Meghan Markle trying to maintain her celebrity status?

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Recent reports about the Duchess of Sussex have not given her a positive light. According to various sources, Meghan Markle finds it difficult to let go of her celebrity persona; she does not seem to understand that she only plays a supporting role for those who are higher in the royal family.

“What Meghan has to do is forget that she is on the red carpet of show business,” said Dickie Arbiter, a royal expert. “She is now on the crimson carpet of the monarchy. She plays a supporting role not only for Harry but also for the queen.”

An example of Meghan Markle’s inability to play according to the royal rules seems to be her work ethic. Since she became the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle has been very intensively involved and has taken on her engagement after engagement, even during her pregnancy.

While this is undoubtedly admirable and most likely a character trait that helped her survive in show business, in the royal family, this kind of behavior can be interpreted as Meghan Markle tries to surpass Queen Elizabeth, which is a no-no, especially for someone like Meghan Markle who only married a “reserve” prince.

“Meghan needs to be calm,” Arbiter added. “She did incredibly well. She did incredibly well with Harry when she traveled through the UK before marriage … But she needs to think about how she will operate … Listen to the communications secretary and work under their advice. Try not be smart. Don’t try to do things yourself. “

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Can Queen Elizabeth and Meghan Markle both be celebrities in the royal family?

Although Meghan Markle can control the number of agreements she will make in the future, she has no control over the attention she receives from the public and the media. Since joining the royal family as the first biracial American divorced woman to do this, the attention she receives has been unceasing. Everything she does is published in gossip columns and dissected. Photographers, reporters and fans just can’t get enough of her.

Moreover, given that Meghan Markle was an actress in a famous TV show, regardless of what she is doing now, she may always have a bit of celebrity status around her.

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Queen Elizabeth is more understanding than people think

Queen Elizabeth also seems to understand this and, according to sources, finds the work ethic of Meghan Markle ‘impressive’ instead of threatening. “The queen is surprised by the energy and endurance of the duchess, because she is so heavily pregnant,” said a royal insider. “For the queen and her generation, you generally hid your hump and put your feet up at this stage of the pregnancy, but Meghan hasn’t stopped.”

Because both Queen Elizabeth and Meghan Markle are popular with the public, it doesn’t seem like they will become celebrities in the short term. The two will continue to do their best for the royal family and will attract people’s attention everywhere. As such, they might just learn to share the spotlight with each other for the moment.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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