It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood : What the Mister Rogers movie covers

When the trailer for It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood was released earlier this week, people immediately went for it, as if they were applying a patch to an injured psyche. When it comes to calming people in difficult times, few or no people have awarded Fred Rogers.

With Tom Hanks playing the beloved TV presenter, it was like a double dose of comfort. It was announced months ago that Hanks would play the role, but the fact that Tom Hanks saw a shoe throw from one hand to the other was irresistible to many.

Many biopics are often heavy and downbeat, partly because their subjects ended prematurely. Example: Lincoln. Mr. Rogers did not shun sad stories, but in general he is not one of them.

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood : What the Mister Rogers movie covers

What the Mister Rogers movie covers

The film, which will be released on November 22, does not cover the entire life and career of Mr. Rogers. As many biopics have done recently, including Lincoln and Selma, It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood focuses on a specific period or event. Lincoln was about the development and struggle for the proclamation of emancipation, while Selma took the 1965 voting march in that city in Alabama.

It’s a nice day in the neighborhood, details about what happens when a cynical journalist (Matthew Rhys) reluctantly accepts an assignment to write a profile about Fred Rogers for Esquire Magazine.

The film changes the name of the writer from Tom Junod to Lloyd Vogel, but the film also makes it clear that Mr. Rogers had a major impact on the writer.

The Esquire article, entitled “Can You Say … Hero?”, Told this story about a meeting between Mr. Rogers and children on the New York subway:

Although of all races, the school children were mostly black and Latino, and they did not even approach Mr. Rogers and asked him for his signature. They just sang. They sang, all at once, all the song he sings at the start of his program, “Want You Be My Neighbor?” And the clattering train turned into a soft, runaway choir.

Hanks, one of the most popular and beloved actors, has a certain influence on playing iconic children’s figures. In 2013 he played none other than Walt Disney in Saving Mr. Banks, in which the story behind and the creation of the classic film Mary Poppins from 1964 was described.

This is the second movie about Mister Rogers in two years

One of the reasons why this is an ideal time to release a film about Fred Rogers is that there was a film about him last year, Won’t You Be My Neighbor, directed by Oscar winner Morgan Neville. This documentary covered Rogers’ life and career, focusing primarily on his uncanny ability to calm troubled souls.

The film received rave reviews from critics, with many noticing that it seemed like a balm for difficult times. Calvin Wilson of the St. Louis Post Dispatch wrote: “In a time when tolerance and compassion often seem to be attacked, won’t you be my neighbor? reminds us that the softest voices often have the greatest impact. “

The film earned $ 22 million at the register, making it the most profitable documentary of 2018.

Mister Rogers’ impact lives on

Mr Rogers’ neighborhood was shown on national public TV from 1968 to 2001, after he had hit the lives of millions of children. While other children’s shows tended to avoid difficult subjects, Fred Rogers consoled children about divorce and even the Vietnam War.

Rogers himself died in 2003, but his impact was such that until today, when a national tragedy occurs, a meme is circulating with Mr. Rogers who says, “Look for the helpers.”

As an essay in the Washington Post says on the trailer: “Please, don’t ruin my childhood,” Vogel’s wife asks the journalist who wants to tell the real story of Fred Rogers. Many people may ask the same thing about a biopic, and according to all indications they have nothing to fear. “

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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