J LO AND A-ROD WE’RE ENGAGED . Check Out the Ring!

Alex Rodriguez raised the question, Jennifer Lopez said yes, and they both shared their exciting news . at the same time !

J Lo and A-Rod are committed after an appointment for just over 2 years, and announced it on Instagram with simultaneous messages on Saturday night. They each shared a photo of him while holding her hand as she showed her MASSIVE new rock.

Jennifer endorsed hers with heart emoji’s and Alex subtitled his ‘she said yes’ (followed by a heart emoji). A-Rod has also shared a screenshot of the definition of “Soulmate” by Bianca Sparacino on his IG story hours in advance … a signal that something big was coming.

It says: “A soulmate is not someone who completes you.” No, a soul mate is someone who inspires you to complete yourself A soulmate is someone who loves you so much and so much so that it is almost impossible to doubt how capable you are to become exactly who you always wanted to be . “

Not a word about wedding plans, but if the engagement ring is an indicator .. no costs will be saved.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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