Jackson Michie accused of racism during ‘Big Brother 21’

Jackson Michie accused of racism during ‘Big Brother 21’

Big Brother 21 was involved in racism controversy, just like several other seasons, because the four Houseguests that were banned were minorities and the oldest participant, the first three deported competitors were minorities, and some rude remarks were made about Houseguests of minorities, even weeks after their departure the house.

Julie Chen Moonves tried to give them a voice during the reunion by allowing the damage to their prosecutors and demanding that they take responsibility for their actions. However, the Houseguests did not see any video images or read the offensive comments they made, so that they could not apologize properly.

After Jackson Michie and Holly Allen had taken some free time to travel to celebrate the season again, they did so and informed themselves of the questionable behavior they were doing in the house.

He then went on various podcasts and laid the background behind one of the most controversial statements of the season.

Jackson Michie accused of racism during ‘Big Brother 21’

In the first turn of the summer, the Houseguests had to appoint a camp director for the week. After a few campaigns, the majority chose Jackson Michie.

He then had to banish four Houseguests and select David David, an African-American, Jessica Milagros, a Latina woman, Cliff Hogg, the oldest Houseguest, and Kemi Fakunle, the only other African-American participant.

Social media fans immediately dropped out and accused Michie of making his selections based on race and age. In addition, Live Feed viewers were offensive at the server’s comments about Alexander.

However, he explained his decisions during the Big Brother 21 final and said he chose to ban the Houseguests because Alexander, Milagros and Hogg were also campaigning to become Camp Director and Fakunle was not approaching him at all to campaign.

He also participated in the Your Reality Recaps podcast to explain why he made offensive remarks about Alexander.

Jackson Michie said he wanted to ‘mule kick’ David Alexander

Michie, his then ally Jack Matthews, and several of their alliance members made several coarse comments about their Houseguests, which interrupted viewers to be racist.

For example, a seemingly unprovoked Matthews rushed over Fakunle several times and said he “wanted to smash a mud pool through her chest.”

In a certain hatred of anger, Michie said he wanted to “slap” Alexander between the teeth. Again, Live Feed viewers blew up Twitter about the server’s comment and claimed it was racially motivated.

Jackson Michie explained the ‘mule kick’ comment

In the podcast Your Reality Recap, Michie explained the build-up to him and formed the potential threat. He said that after Alexander came back into the house after being banished, he told Michie that “he was just a kid reading a book and decided to move to L.A. to do something else with your life.”

Because Alexander does not know the story of Michie or why he moved to Los Angeles, he was offended by Alexander’s remark. In addition, Michie explained that Alexander used the offensive word “r **** d” several times, upset the server that had a person with special needs in his family.

That’s why Michie was angry at the time and said he wanted to “joke” Alexander out of frustration. Nevertheless, the server apologized for his words and wants to have the opportunity to apologize to Alexander when the time is right.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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