Janelle Brown Takes Control of Finances Amid Sister Wives Separation

Janelle Brown Takes Control of Finances Amid Sister Wives Separation

Janelle Brown, one of the stars of the reality TV show Sister Wives, has separated from her husband Kody Brown and is now reportedly separating her finances from the rest of the family. New details have emerged about Janelle’s new production company, which some speculate could be the first step in divorcing Kody.

The Brown family has been paid by TLC for their participation in Sister Wives, with estimates ranging from $25,000 to $40,000 per episode. The family created their own production company, Kody Brown Family Entertainment, LLC, in 2018, with branches in Utah, Las Vegas, and Flagstaff. All four of Kody’s wives were listed as members of the company.

However, everything changed in Season 17 of the show, with Christine Brown divorcing Kody in November 2021, Janelle Brown separating from him in mid-2022, and Meri and Kody ending their marriage in January 2023. Kody has since launched his own production company, Dabsark Entertainment, LLC, with only him and his current wife Robyn listed as members.

Janelle’s new production company has not been officially announced, but some speculate that it could be a sign that she is planning to divorce Kody.

Janelle Brown Takes Control of Finances Amid Sister Wives Separation – Launches New Businesses and Production Company

Janelle Brown, a star of the reality TV show Sister Wives, has started her own production company, Janelle Brown Production, LLC, and a health and wellness business, Strive with Janelle, LLC, amid her separation from her husband Kody Brown. In Sister Wives Season 17, Janelle admitted to putting herself in a financially “stupid” situation by using $222,500 of the proceeds from her Las Vegas home as a downpayment for Kody and Robyn’s million-dollar home. This motivated her to separate herself from Kody financially and create her own production company.

Janelle Brown’s new production company is currently active in Flagstaff, Arizona, and is categorized under “Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation,” indicating that she will be paid by TLC through her new company. Some fans had worried that Janelle and Kody would reconcile, but her separation of finances suggests that she is moving towards divorce rather than reconciliation.

Janelle and Kody were spiritually married in 1993 but were never legally married. The Browns are part of the fundamentalist Mormon sect called the Apostolic United Brethren, which recognizes only marriages performed by a male church elder who holds the priesthood in a Mormon temple. Once married, the couple is believed to be “sealed for eternity” and can only be “unsealed” in a ceremony.

While Janelle is currently only separated from Kody and not divorced, she appears to be holding onto her faith, unlike Christine who left the faith before leaving Kody. Janelle has a “testimony” of plural marriage, which is recognized by her religion. Nonetheless, many fans are happy to see Janelle taking control of her finances and separating her TLC paycheck from Kody and the rest of the family. Some fans had thought that Kody and Robyn had taken advantage of the other wives’ paychecks to fund their lavish lifestyle.

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