Jennifer Aniston didn’t see herself as a comedic actress

Jennifer Aniston didn’t see herself as a comedic actress

Many famous artists that we now know and love, have started NBC’s Saturday Night Live. For up-and-coming actors, comedians and improvisers, casting the popular show is a great opportunity to work with talented people, get your face and name into the world and earn a decent salary. But when Friends star Jennifer Aniston got a chance on the job, she ran away.

As a young actress, SNL maker Lorne Michaels offered Aniston the chance to appear in the weekly sketch comedy series, but she told Howard Stern in his SiriusXM show that it just wasn’t good for her.

Jennifer Aniston didn’t see herself as a comedic actress

In an interview on The Howard Stern Show, Aniston explained why she refused the job. “I didn’t think I’d like that environment,” she said.

Although Jennifer Aniston went to play Rachel on the mega-hit sitcom Friends, she did not see herself as a comic actress at the time.

When former acting teachers told her she was funny and had to consider comedy, Aniston explained: “I wasn’t upset, I was just thrown.”

Aniston agreed with Stern that she was a serious actress and was joking: “I didn’t think Chekov was funny.”

Although she had no other opportunity, Aniston knew that SNL was not the place for her. “Friends were not there yet … it was about to happen.”

Aniston describes ‘SNL’at that time as a ‘boys’ club’

Aniston also explained that she did not feel she would fit well with SNL, and told Stern that when she met Lorne Michaels, she saw her friends, Adam Sandler and David Spade. She later commented to Michaels in her meeting that the show was “such a boys club.”

Jennifer Aniston admitted to Stern that she even became a bit of a feminist at Michaels: “I was like:” I think the women here should be treated better. “

Aniston blames her young age for her comments to Michaels

Aniston now has the fun of telling the SNL maker and the showrunner what to do.

“I went to talk to him, I was such a young boy,” she explained. “You’re just not the smartest when you’re in your early twenties.”

Jennifer Aniston further explained: “I did not give a lecture, I only said what I would hope if I did this, what I would hope it would be.”

Jennifer Aniston has made a lasting mark in movies and television

It is clear that Jennifer Aniston did not miss the fame by rejecting the performance of Saturday Night Live. Following the wild success of Friends, Aniston starred in popular films such as We’re the Millers, Horrible Bosses and the award-winning Cake.

Since the rejection of the job, Aniston has not completely shunned SNL and even had the opportunity to organize Saturday Night Live itself.

Now Aniston returns to television screens in The Morning Show, an Apple TV + drama in which Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carrell also play. Because she has more than proved that she is an actress with both comedy and drama, we can’t wait to see what Jennifer Aniston is doing next with her career.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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