Jinger Duggar Confessed She Found Parenting Baby Felicity “Intimidating,” & Moms Everywhere Can Relate

When it comes to the Duggar family of TLC’s Counting On, I think everyone has linked Jinger as the rebel. She was the only sister who moved away from the family home in Tontitown, Arkansas when she married Jeremy Vuolo. She was also the first sister to start wearing pants, despite her parents’ apparent dislike for them. And she was also the only sister who waited a full year after getting married to have a baby. But it seems that this Duggar sister is more vulnerable than fans might have guessed. Jinger Duggar confessed that her daughter Felicity was ‘intimidating’ in the beginning and that she is absolutely not alone there.

Jinger married Jeremy Vuolo in November 2016 and welcomed her first child, daughter Felicity, on July 19, 2018. Her little girl is now nine months old and is getting bigger, as Jinger’s many Instagram followers know. Nowadays, a scroll through the Instagram feed of the proud mother revealing sunshine moments spent with her always smiling baby girl, the couple always dressed adorably and looks like they are ready for their next big adventure. But, as Jinger Little People, Audrey of Big World and Jeremny Roloff told Behind The Scenes on their podcast, this was not always the case for her. In the beginning, motherhood was actually very frightening for Jinger.

As Jinger told the Roloffs, she was quite nervous about being left alone with her daughter in the beginning, according to Good Housekeeing:

I was intimidated by 24/7 care of a baby. It was absolutely overwhelming.

This may seem rather surprising from a woman who grew up in a house with 19 children. Jinger was after all expected by her parents Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar to help with her younger siblings when she was still living at home. But this time things were different.

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Jinger now lives in Laredo, Texas, with her husband, Jeremy, far away from the women in her family. And while her sisters, Jana Duggar and Jessa Seewald, stood with mother Michelle before the birth of Felicity, according to people, they eventually left and Jinger and Jeremy were alone with their little girl. Which meant, as she explained to the Roloffs, that if the couple wanted to go to a date night, they eventually had to take their baby with them. Fortunately, bringing Felicity for date nights is very “sweet” for the couple.

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And no matter how nice it has been for Jinger to have a family closer to give them a helping hand, concentrating on her marriage to Jeremy in Texas, their marriage has become much stronger. The couple told the Roloffs that they are always working on making their marriage ‘better’ and doing their utmost to be present for each other.

And present for their little girl. Because reality is, as Jinger knows very well, parenting is a constant learning process. And sure, it can be pretty scary.

But it can also be pretty good.

Written by Tommy Kilmer


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