Josiah and Lauren Duggar talk about future kids

Josiah and Lauren Duggar talk about future kids

Josiah and Lauren Duggar closed the knot on 30 June 2018 after a three-month engagement. At the end of last year they had a miscarriage. They called their first child, Asa. The couple revealed that they had had a miscarriage through the family’s website. They also shared about it through social media on their joint account and said: “Many of you don’t know this, but a few months ago we found out that we were expecting, but shortly after we had had a miscarriage.”

They continued: “Our expectations of setting up a nursery, hearing the heartbeat, feeling the baby’s first kick in mom’s tummy, holding our little one and seeing our precious baby were – shattered. Gone. Right in front of our eyes. ‘

Then, in May of this year, they revealed that they were expecting the weather. Their daughter, Bella Milagro, was born at the beginning of November. The couple is delighted with their new addition. They have shared many updates about the baby and like to keep fans informed through social media.

Although Bella is only one month old, fans are beginning to wonder if Josiah and Lauren will have more children in the future. It turns out they have already revealed that they are planning to expand their family.

Josiah and Lauren Duggar talk about future kids

Josiah and Lauren Duggar talk about future kids

When Josiah and Lauren Duggar had a gender unveiling party for Bella, they talked about baby names. They discussed the name Bella, after calling their miscarriage baby Asa. They decided to name their children in alphabetical order. Josiah said, “We just decided that from then on we would do [that].”

When Jim Bob, Josiah’s father, found out, he teased them to call their “J” baby Jim Bob. Josiah agreed. Whether he’s joking or serious is unclear. Josiah did say that they would call their daughter Jim Bob even if they happened to have a girl as their tenth child.

Neck patterns are not uncommon in the Duggar family. Josiah and all his brothers and sisters have “J” names. Josiah’s brother Josh and sister-in-law Anna use “M” names for their children.

As fans of Duggar know, Josiah is one of the 19 children. Lauren is already a mother at the age of 20, so they have enough time to expand their own family. Lauren said she had trouble with Bella, but it’s unclear if that keeps her from having children.

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