Kanye West says he’ll never perform old song lyrics again

Kanye West says he'll never perform old song lyrics again

Kanye West dropped his ninth studio album “Jesus is King” on Friday and fans feel generously deceived.

The 11 numbers clock in a comically short 27 minutes. And to make matters worse, TMZ sources say that West will never again perform its old hits in their original form.

According to the gossip site, earlier issues are updated with more family-friendly lyrics.

West, in turn, is no longer concerned with assessments. “He makes music for God and is a changed man,” TMZ reported.

While some critics say West’s gospel album was better than expected, others aren’t excited. One panned the album for its matt lyrics, including: “Closed on Sunday, you are my Chick-fil-A / You are my number one, with the lemonade.”

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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