Kate Middleton had the best response when asked if she’ll have a 4th child

Should Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis expect a new royal sibling ?

It is only 10 months since Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, welcomed their third child, Prince Louis, and fans of the family would like to learn if the little Louis will ever become a big brother.

On Thursday even a royal spectator had the chance to ask that question to the former Kate Middleton – and he even got an answer!

The royal couple were busy meeting greetings of well-wishers and greeting them gathering to see them on the second day of their surprise trip to Northern Ireland, when the Duchess stopped to smile and cooch around a baby she was in the crowd saw.

The father introduced her to baby James, whom she called “a very sweet boy,” before asking how old the little one was.

“Five and a half months,” Papa said to her.

“Oh,” said the Duchess, holding James’ hand. Then she confessed: “It makes me very pissed.”

That’s when the man asked the question about everyone’s thoughts and said, “A fourth?”

Although the 37-year-old did not give him yes or no, she did react, joking: “I think Prince William is worried.”

That could be understood as a maybe … at least on her part. But whatever the real answer, fans of the royal family will certainly see another baby in the family – and soon as well.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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