Kate Middleton raising Prince George to be a fit king

Kate Middleton raising Prince George to be a fit king
Kate Middleton raising Prince George to be a fit king

Kate Middleton makes some changes when it comes to raising her three children. The Duchess of Cambridge, who welcomed her third child to Prince William last year, is reportedly planning to break a few royal protocols with her family. Here is a look at all the ways in which Middleton plans to move tradition as he educates Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

Kate Middleton to break royal protocols

Middleton officially joined the royal family in 2011 when she anchored the knot with William, the second in line with the throne. Although Middleton will eventually become the Queen Consort when William takes the throne, she is reportedly planning to break free from royal protocols when it comes to raising her children.

According to Express, Middleton and William are expected to follow strict rules regarding their children, including how their children dress, behave, and behave in public. So which rules do William and Middleton violate?

First of all, Kate Middleton and Prince William insist that their three children travel with them for official royal events. Traditionally, members of the royal family leave their children behind when they travel for official affairs. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip left their children in the care of nursery girls, just like their parents.

Kate Middleton, however, wants to spend as much time as possible with her children and takes them wherever possible. If the children cannot accompany their parents, Middleton and William make sure they are not away for a long time. This move seems fairly logical to most parents, but it is not the only parenting rule that breaks Middleton.

Inside Middleton’s parenting ways

Although Middleton and William enjoy working with their children, they still accept help from other family members. For example, after the birth of Prince George, Middleton spent a few weeks with her parents.

Middleton’s mother, Carole Middleton, helped her adapt to life as a parent, ensuring that everyone was fed and cared for. The couple naturally also has a full-time babysitter to help with daily activities and chores and are never without an extra hand.

Middleton is also an expert in dealing with the unexpected tantrum. For example, in the summer of 2016, Prince George had a collapse during a performance at the Royal International Air Tattoo. But instead of panicking in front of the cameras, Kate Middleton kept her cool and immediately stopped George’s crying. The trick was to talk to George in a calm voice and it wasn’t long before the future King of England got back on track.

Speaking of George, Kate Middleton also uses a time-out seat for when he performs. This approach creates a positive environment in the household in Cambridge and helps keep everyone under control.

Kate Middleton raising George to be a fit king

Although Kate Middleton plans to break free from some royal protocols, she is still trying to raise George to become a good king. To this end, Middleton teaches George to be attentive to his actions. It would be very easy for Middleton and William to spoil their children, so they make sure all three of them appreciate the things they have. This includes personally thanking people for the gifts they give, especially if they are heads of state.

Kate Middleton of course never allows her children to leave the house without getting dressed. Being a member of the royal family means that they are constantly in the public eye, so being suitably dressed in public is a must for everyone in the family.

For Middleton, she always injects her sense of fashion into her children’s clothes, making them often the best-dressed children.

Middleton and William did not comment on the reports on their parenting choices. The couple shares three children, all of whom are in a straight line to the crown.

After Charles and Prince William (Kate Middleton will be named Queen Consort when William takes the throne), Prince George comes in third, followed by Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. That order will change in case George has a family, although it will take a long time before that happens.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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